Jamie T - Power Over Men

14 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

What the hell have I just watched? This was the guy who brought us "Calm Down Dearest", "If You Got The Money", "Shelia" and "Sticks 'n' Stones". Taking a whole different route to music, reminiscent of new indie, Jamie T actually releases a catchy little song that is quite forgettable after a little while. This is totally not the case when it comes to the music video though. Jamie T doesn't feature in Power Over Men music video, however this low-budgeted clip shows a middle-aged woman overpowering men in a BDSM scene.

Jamie T, full name Jamie Treays, has been going since 2007. He has had various chart hits but lately hasn't been doing so well, with his new musical direction. This could be due to the break from music he had before his third album. By this point his fans had dropped off entirely and he had to bring them all back. With this music video, he may have done just that, finally. This song was written by Jamie T and James Dring.

Directed by Tom Beard this music video looks like a typical new-on-the-scene indie music video, with it's hidden depths.

Relatable to the song about women having power over men, the visual video shows a middle-aged woman going about her life, it's not until further on in the video, we realise she has a guy trapped in her house tied up in her BDSM chamber.

There are little hints at the start, what with the guy's briefcase and shoes on the front door step, and then flashbacks during the woman's day. But it's not until she's done her shopping and has returned home that she dresses into her dominatrix outfit and shows her power over this man.

It's quite revealing and shocking. It shows that portrayals outside of a house can be totally different than what happens behind those front doors. It's quite a real realisation, and it can be interpreted in many different ways. Kudos for Jamie T going with this music video.
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