Missy Elliott - Work It

27 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After Honey G sung this on The X Factor, I just had to listen to the actual version, and although no one can ever sing this song as good as Missy Elliott, she gave it a pretty damn good go, and to nail the reversed lyric is just amazing! This is quite a scary music video, and the explicit lyrics is something that sailed past my head when I was younger and listening to this. Yet they're nothing new in rap music, just more obvious here. This quite frightening music video has Missy Elliott doing all sorts of things that is visually worrying, but hell can she "Work It".

Missy Elliott, real name Melissa Elliott, is currently working on her next studio album. She made a full comeback in 2015 with single "WTF (Where They From)", yet nothing else has come from it, apart from uncharted follow-up single "Pep Rally". Missy Elliott will always be one of the biggest female rappers in the music industry, and everyone pretty much wants to work with her. She might be returning to music slowly, but we all know that this new album is going to be off the radar! This song was written by Melissa Elliott and Tim Mosley.

Directed by Dave Meyers, this music video is so ahead of its time, that it actually hurts. They try to do things that you wouldn't expect back in 2002, and yet here it is. The video also features cameos by Timbaland, Eve, Tweet, Alyson Stoner, Aaliyah and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. The latter two had died not long after the video and so therefore are commemorated on the front of a car.

During the production, apparently Missy Elliott got quite drunk due to the wine actually being wine. Not only that but real honey bees were used for the one scene and only one crew member was stung.

Totally an artistic piece, with various visuals messed around with to make it look weirdly real, this music video definitely defined visuals back in 2002, even if it did creep us all out back then, and still does today.

Overall realistically weird was basically the concept and they made it work. Totally ahead of it's time, this music video could have been so much more if left for a later date. Yet it doesn't quite relate to the song, even though the dancing is on form throughout.
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