New Release: Sam Bailey - Sing My Heart Out

August 05, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Another X Factor star, this time a winner, who has just released her first song away from Syco, Simon Cowell's record label. The song is weak, it's slightly catchy but doesn't display Sam Bailey's amazing vocal ability the way we know certain songs can. She was a worthy winner of The X Factor, but I feel that she hasn't had a song that shows her off as a worthy winner. This one tries but it just doesn't work. Sam Bailey performs on a stage while scenes of her family life are shown, the "Sing My Heart Out" video is cute and lovely but nothing more.

Winner of the tenth series of The X Factor, Sam Bailey released just one album under Syco before parting ways with that record label. Now free from Simon Cowell, she released this single under Tiger Drum record label. She's an inspiration to a lot of people, proving that you are never too old to make your dreams a reality, and yet she isn't doing so well on the iTunes chart. This song is too weak, I've seen her sing so many better songs whilst watching The X Factor, that's it's kind of disappointing this has been released. However I can't deny that her vocals are strong and although it seems held back, I know she has more to give. I just hope she releases a second single that is much better before dropping the album.

This music video is mainly performance based with snapshots of her home life. It's really cute that she has included her family in this video, although exposing children to the media is a little worrying, but it works well and expresses how happy she is.

The home videos doesn't really go with the meaning of the song, apart from the fact that it proves she is a mother and that she is singing her heart out to inspire them.

As for the performance side, she gives it her all, and yet she looks completely nervous up on that stage, in front of an empty audience. The song is not the best but Sam Bailey gives it her best shot.

Overall an average music video that isn't engaging or interesting, along with a song that fails to impress... What does is her vocals, we know what they are like and even if this song doesn't show them enough you can tell that her vocals are strong. Now please release a follow-up that is something we'd put on repeat any day!
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