New Release: Aston Merrygold Featuring LDN Noise - I Ain't Missing You

23 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Another single off Aston Merrygold after many push-back dates from his album. This JLS singer isn't having the best solo career, but with this killer song he may have had the breakthrough he's been hoping for. This former JLS member shows us his dancing skills in his new music video for "I Ain't Missing You". Aston Merrygold is ready, are you?

Aston Merrygold, mostly known for his time in the boy band JLS from The X Factor, was the guy who always took the lead vocals in many of The X Factor performances, but it wasn't until the group started to release their own music that they really found their sound. JLS were the runner-up to Alexandra Burke in the fifth series of The X Factor. They went on to achieve five UK number one singles and their three studio albums were in the top three, their debut album hit number one. Ever since the split, Aston Merrygold's solo career has been hyped to the max, but soon dissipated as his singles didn't achieve the success that was anticipated. Now this song may out-do his previous attempts, especially with his album just around the corner, that's if it doesn't get pushed back again. The featured artist is LDN Noise, a producing and songwriting duo consisting of Greg Bonnick and Hayden Chapman, they are definitely making a name for themselves in the music industry and are definitely ones to watch.

This music video is a full performance piece with a slightly undeveloped narrative at the start, that sees Aston Merrygold step out of a car and strike a match before dropping it on a bag of things, presumedly things of the woman he's singing about. He's saying goodbye, because he ain't missing her.

The performance part then kicks in, and it is LIT! Seriously, I knew Aston Merrygold could move, but wow! He pulls off that choreography like it's nothing, along with his backing dancers. Fully in-sync and totally on-point, it's pretty magical.

The scene is filmed awkwardly as the camera pans in and out during the dance scene, making a less enjoyable viewing, however, it can be ignored as you see these amazing dancers perform.

Overall, it's good, but Aston Merrygold has always had a slight arrogance in the way he comes across, you can see this when he's dancing, ready to show the world what he's got and be slightly cocky with it. However, I can't blame him for that, because although the narrative is more suggestive than developed, and the performance is a bit on the cocky side; this dance sequence is perfection. I just need to learn the choreography now!
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