MØ - Final Song

11 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Let's be honest, MØ has been trying unsuccessfully to crack the worldwide charts for a few years now, luckily she teamed up with Major Lazer and the rest is history. This song has blown up, especially after the amazing "Lean On" and "Cold Water", if it wasn't for those songs, would this have done so well globally? There are a tonne of amazing songs that just doesn't get the recognition that they truly deserve and this could've been one of them. However, that fate is left to many other songs as this one rages the charts around the world. MØ acts sweet and innocent throughout this video, showing off her performance vibes to this Final Song, but it won't be her last!

MØ, real name Karen Marie Ørsted Andersen, has released quite a few singles, but this is the song that has pushed her into success. Her collaborations are what have given her the fame to gain momentum in the music industry. As I've said many times before, promotion is key, MØ has promoted herself as an artist by featuring on songs that become popular. Now she's impacting the music industry in a big way, but she needs to hold on to her popularity as it can easily slip and MØ could easily disappear. However, she's built herself up to this point, so I doubt she'll lose it completely like many have done before her. This song is so catchy, that it kind of reminds me of "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten, it has the same feel to it, and the more it's heard the more appealing it becomes. It was written by Karen Marie Ørsted, Noonie Bao and Uzo Emenike (known as MNEK). The latter songwriter has been on form lately, writing and collaborating with amazing stars.

Directed by Tomas Whitmore, it is effortlessly beautiful throughout. MØ has this performance style that is unbeatable, it's rare to find in a singer, but she has got it. So much energy released out to her listeners and watchers, I'm in awe of her.

Her dancing is on point throughout. There is not a lot of movement in the choreography, but I guess floating effortlessly does take it's toll on the body. Her lines are flawless, this is a girl who can dance and stylishly too.

The shadow effects on the desert floor are awesome to watch throughout, but it's the floating that is perfection. It takes skill to perfect floating nicely, yet MØ works it look totally natural. This is so believable that it looks too real. We all know it's special effects, and yet it's more that perfection, it's more than flawless, it just works amazingly!

Overall, this performance piece is engaging, interesting and totally out of this world. MØ is a rising star, and I hope she continues her success in her upcoming music ventures because if this is what she can do in a music video, she must be brilliant live on stage. This video may be missing a narrative, but the performance definitely makes up for it.
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