New Release: Tulisa Featuring Akelle - Sweet Like Chocolate

September 02, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Tulisa is back, and boy is the female boss back! Having been away from music for a while, she is now ready to make a massive comeback, and this new version of this song has got everyone loving her again. This club anthem tune is so catchy, you'll be singing along the next time you hear it, guaranteed. It's stuck in my head right now. Tulisa is on holiday, once again, in her music video for "Sweet Like Chocolate", catchy, sexy, and totally on form, she is loving life and she is ready to make a massive comeback.

Tulisa, full name Tulisa Contostavlos, first came on the scene with N-Dubz. After they disbanded she had a successful solo career with "Young" being her first number one. It is unlikely that this new song will make it to the top, but it'll definitely chart well, especially with how catchy the song is. Featured on the track is Akelle, full name Akelle Charles, who is known as part of trio: WSTRN, who's song "In2" peaked at number four in the UK. The song interpolates Shanks & Bigfoot's song of the same name "Sweet Like Chocolate".

This holiday music video isn't anything new from Tulisa, she's clearly enjoying her life and she wants to show everyone. It has a similar narrative as "Young", yet less of a story and more about having fun.

Akelle adds a fun rap lyric, that breaks up the song nicely, but the whole visual is simple and uninteresting. Having seen many videos like this before, there's just nothing new being brought to the table.

Various extreme-water holiday amusements are shown in the video, to show extreme excitement, and that Tulisa has no fear. She's on holiday, having a good time. She's healthy, she's happy and she's totally genuine.

It's a pleasant sight to see, it's like she's back to herself. Now she's ready to come back to music and do what she loves. I hope she follows this single up with new amazing music because I am loving the vibes coming from this new track, even if the video isn't as great as I hoped it would be.
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