Jason Derulo - In My Head

01 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's THURSDAY! Which means it's revisit time on my blog, and time to delve back into Jason Derulo's past and pull this one out of the bag. It was his first number one in the UK, and definitely wasn't his last. It is quite cheesy for 2009, but what can you expect from something that's seven years old. He is a much more talented singer nowadays, yet his old songs are just as catchy, if a little cheesy. Jason Derulo chats up Lala Escarzega in a parking lot as he envisions them together in his head, for his second music video.

Jason Derulo, real name Jason Desrouleaux, has had a great career so far, and it's unlikely to stop. This was his second solo single which hit the top spot of the UK Singles Chart back in 2009. Nowadays he has totally dropped the Jason Derulo name singing at the start of his songs, although it would've been quite fitting with 2 Chainz name singing in their collaborative song "Talk Dirty". This song received a remix with Nicki Minaj, as well as various cover versions released years later. This song was written by Jason Desrouleaux, Claude Kelly and J.R. Rotem.

Directed by Kai Crawford, it is set in a car park. Jason Derulo's love interest is played by actor Lala Escarzega.

Not much of a budget behind this one, it feels like we've seen what happened before "Want To Want Me" and how Jason Derulo got that one night stand.

Nowadays, this is quite laughable, look at that jacket which is way too big for him, totally baggy! And guess what? He changes clothes just to dance because you can't really dance in that blue jacket. Which kind of loses continuity, unless it's all in his head, which is suggested by the end of the music video.

At the start and the end, we're introduced with a snippet of his debut single "Whatcha Say", kind of relating this song to that one so people would realise that it's still Jason Derulo (and yes I sang that).

Jason Derulo serenades this girl, hoping she'll leave with him, although the setting is not a club as the lyrics suggest; yet we can deal with the car park.

Lala Escarzega isn't all that interested, she's eyeing up other people, seeing who else she can get the attention of, which is to be expected, but look what she missed out on because Jason Derulo is totally steaming now.

It turns out it was all a day-dream of what Jason Derulo hopes to happen as Lala Escarzega walks out of the store, but she just suggests that they have met before as his previous single ends the music video.

With little else to comment on, the music video is clever, suggesting everything we had just seen was in Jason Derulo's head, relatable and interesting, with dancing on point throughout, some great technical choreography throughout, although dated now, is intricate. This is definitely good, considering there wasn't quite a great budget involved, clearly.
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