Ashlee Simpson - Bat For A Heart

October 28, 2016 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

This is for sure one of Ashlee Simpson's most underrated songs, most people don't even know about it. It's definitely one of my favourite Halloween songs, probably next to the other Halloween songs I choose for my Halloween Special! This is freakishly good, the song is so personal and although may come off a bit bland on first listen, it becomes an emotional party banger, on second listen, that will be perfect for all those spooky playlists out there! Trust me, this song is fire for any Halloween themed party. Raw and emotional, the song and the video work well together, Ashlee Simpson is in pain because of a guy who has a "Bat For a Heart".

Ashlee Simpson is probably best known as the sister of Jessica Simpson, yet she has established a career for herself both in the music industry and in the acting world. She has more a rock-edge to her tone, that definitely fuelled her chart success in the 00's. She is apparently working on a new album with her husband. Since this single was released back in 2012, I doubt it will be included in the said album. This single was apparently written by Linda Perry & Ashlee Simpson.

The music video is incredibly basic from start to finish. A consistent theme throughout as Ashlee Simpson pours her emotions out in a chaotic way.

Filmed totally in black and white, which definitely gives this an eerie feel, the video is quite quirky, to say the least. Ashlee Simpson has unlocked some sort of possessive beast from within, possibly a bat-transforming vampire.

At times we see her in a vocal booth or displaying dysfunctional dance moves, which doesn't fit singularly, however, would work fluidly with a full-set choreography, but then again something clean and perfect wouldn't work.

As a whole piece, it's quite unnerving yet interesting. Definitely haunting and perfect for my Halloween Special. On the other hand, I feel it doesn't quite relate to the song, and by itself, it's nothing special.
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