New Release: Pretty Sister & Dragonette Featuring Tobtok - Galactic Appeal

October 28, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This was the only thing I can find for New Release this week, which is slightly disappointing, especially since I'm starting my Halloween Special this week, and although aliens can sort of be considered as a supernatural scary monster, I'm not quite sure it actually counts. Instead, I'm going to type up two reviews today so that I can fully flesh out my Halloween Special. Pretty Sister collaborates with Dragonette and Tobtok creating a catchy song. The music video definitely has "Galactic Appeal" as we watch an alien party and live it large with other people.

This is a major DJ collaboration! Pretty Sister is a solo project from Zak Waters who has previously released albums under his real name as well as EPs and singles. He has made quite the name for himself online, although before then he released two EPs with his pop/rock band Blueskyreality, who later disbanded. For now, he's Pretty Sister, who is definitely making electronic waves in the music industry. Dragonette are a well known electronic music trio band consisting of Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz and Joel Stouffer. They hit international fame on the collaborative hit "Hello" with Martin Solveig, but didn't quite keep a hold of the fame, and so follow-up singles didn't quite hit the mark. Regardless, they are still known throughout the world, although people may not quite know why at first. Tobtok is a Swedish DJ, real name Tobias Karlsson. He has remixed some of the biggest hits, as well as many unknowns. He previously remixed Zak Waters' song "Out Of My Head", which probably ignited this collaboration.

Directed by Anthony Chirco, the music video starts off extremely cheesy, totally set in the past and in black and white. But it soon turns to colour and all old theme vanishes as we watch an alien transform into a human. Possibly referencing the Roswell alien crash landing?

The alien walks along the road, where she's picked up by two strangers in a car. These two are Martina Sorbara, from Dragonette, and Zak Waters (well, Pretty Sister); who take her to their house/pool party.

This alien doesn't quite understand what is going on until Zak Waters comes up behind her and pushes her into the pool. That's when the party truly starts and this alien learns to have some fun and lets loose.

Martina Sorbara and Zak Waters really know how to host a party, where was my invite guys? Their hypnotic voices work well together, although their harmonies are slightly too soft for my liking, but their voices compliment each other's well. The ending shows the alien flipping through a book by the pool.

This is a great narrative with a side performance piece. Energetic and relatable, although the story isn't quite fleshed out fully. This alien doesn't quite have galactic appeal, she needed to be more quirky and different, rather than trying to blend in. But totally fun and definitely upbeat.
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