Bridgit Mendler Featuring Kaiydo - Atlantis

11 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

She is back! We've been waiting for her return for ages now and here she is, with a totally different sound, that might just surprise you. I've supported her since Lemonade Mouth and her debut single "Ready Or Not". Yet, I'm not so sure on this song. It's a totally different vibe and sound for her. I totally loved her first album, so this song has to grow on me because it's so different. However, if it's the music she wants to do, I respect that and I'm glad she can do that now. In this video for "Atlantis", Bridgit Mendler hosts a party at her ex's house whilst he's unconscious. Kaiydo also appears for his rap section.

Bridgit Mendler is an ex-Disney star and is definitely following in the footsteps of many great well-known singers and actors. Focusing on her music, she released a debut single that did well, "Ready Or Not" quickly became a favourite and quite the international success. Follow-up single "Hurricane" didn't do so well and neither did her debut album even if it was packed full of tunes! With her new EP on the way in November, this single acts as the first single from the EP. Featured act Kaiydo, real name Keiondre Boone, is a 19-year-old rapper who is definitely getting his name out there, he is perfect on this track, so keep an eye on him! This song was written by Bridgit Mendler, Spencer Bastian, Mischa Chillak and Kaiydo.

Directed by Allie Avital, the video is totally different, much like the song. This is not something we would expect to see from this ex-Disney star, definitely following in the footsteps of some ex-Disney stars.

Mainly a narrative piece, we watch as Bridgit Mendler and her mates break into an ex's house and throw a party, all while her ex is unconscious. She tends to hang around with the unconscious male, so it looks like they're doing things together.

Kaiydo's performance piece is fully energetic, and a total contrast to Bridgit Mendler, who packs in emotion in her visual. I feel like she's experimenting with her sound and her voice, whilst writing songs that have a lot of her heart in. This EP is something new for her, but I expect this is just a side step, giving music to her fans rather than it sitting in the studio doing nothing.

Overall it's an interesting video. It's quite tongue-in-cheek and engaging. Definitely relatable to the song, and it perks up the song a lot more since the song isn't something you would expect from Bridgit Mendler. I'm interested in what the EP will be like, but with vocals like that, I'm sure it'll be amazing.
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