Inna Featuring Bob Taylor - Deja Vu

20 October Critic Jonni 2 Comments

Inna graces my blog once again, purely because it was her birthday last Sunday and I thought I'd continue the celebrations on my blog. Not only that but I am seeing her in Dublin, Ireland on 3rd December, which I'm totally excited for. Revisit Thursdays are for videos that are five years and older, this is the only one of Inna's music video that meets that rule and hasn't been reviewed by me yet. I have not reviewed it before because I really don't like the music video, and feel it's more Bob Taylor's video, to be fair it is more his song than Inna's; however, in the UK it was promoted as an Inna song. Inna poses for a photo shoot on a boat, as the main music video for Bob Taylor's "Deja Vu" kicks off with flirtatious dancing and sexual intent.

Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, turned 30 years old last Sunday. She is gearing up to release her fifth studio album. She made her name internationally with her debut single and its follow-ups. We are expecting a tropical exotic sound from her new album, but she's currently in America, which may influence new material for the album. This could be her best album to date. Featured on the track is Bob Taylor. It is originally his track but was promoted in the UK as him being the featured artist. He is a Romanian DJ who has had mild success. His real name is Bogdan Croitoru, and previously released music under Daddy Fizz. The song was written by Sebastian Barac, Radu Bolfea and Marcel Botezan. These three make up producing trio Play & Win.

The music video was originally filmed without Inna in it at all. This resulted in having to add a recorded clip of Inna segmented into the video purely because it was being marketed as an Inna song. Bob Taylor definitely takes centre stage throughout as he hosts this club party.

Inna's part is very minor. It was filmed at Nessebar, a resort on the black sea coast of Bulgaria. She adorns swimsuits as she poses for the camera on a yacht. There's very little performance presence from her because of the photo shoot, therefore not quite connecting with the audience.

The party, however, is in full swing. The dancers are in-sync and pulling out the choreography like it is nothing. On the other hand, the choreography isn't all that complex. There is much more emphasis on being sexy in the club. Sex definitely sells, but this video just doesn't cut it.

There seems to be a slight narrative but it is rarely brought to the forefront, due to the little amount of time, especially with the added cuts of Inna. Bob Taylor is DJing at the club, but it's nothing spectacular. The entire video feels like a shambles. It just doesn't work.
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  2. who is the blonde dancer girl