New Release: Nytrix Featuring Neon Hitch - When Will I See You Again?

21 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Nytrix is new this week! Unfortunately, Dami Im hasn't released a music video for her awesome new song, "Fighting For Love", yet. So instead I've chosen this one. Possibly Halloween inspired, perhaps slightly too early. The song is catchy though and it's undeniable that this video is hot! Nytrix entertains as a DJ, whilst Neon Hitch is in a bird cage, distracting everyone, as they steal a fortune in this video for "When Will I See You Again?".

Nytrix is a new DJ who is doing the rounds and is certainly catching some attention. His good looks and fire tracks are propelling him into the music industry. Having remixed a few tracks, he has gone on to release a few singles and remix EPs. He's definitely one of the newcomers to watch. Teaming up with Neon Hitch has definitely given him more exposure. Neon Hitch is her actual name, for those of you who didn't know. She was originally a part of the Archaos circus. She has released a few singles that charted around the world as well as a few EPs, and earlier this year she released her debut album. She is mostly known for featuring on Gym Class Heroes' single "Ass Back Home". This song is definitely a grower, and I could see it becoming a favourite of mine the more I hear it.

The video was directed by Nytrix. The two artists are totally sexed up, obviously Neon Hitch more than Nytrix. Sex totally sells! Just be careful if you ever are near them because they have a habit of stealing everything expensive including watches, rings, bracelets, bags and money. Don't wear anything valuable.

Neon Hitch is centre stage throughout, distracting the viewers whilst her dancers nab anything they can. She dances in a bird cage, I don't know what it is about bird cages but they pop up everywhere.

Throughout Nytrix is stylishly sexy behind the DJ decks, and during a card game. He dons a top hat in the bus scene, totally reminding me of Penguin from Gotham. He can be my DJ at any party!

The dancers are on point every step of the way. Perfect choreography throughout that totally glams the whole thing up. Neon Hitch fails to stun us completely; however, I'm sure straight guys will totally disagree with me. She works it during the bus scene, but she actually comes into her own when she steals the bag off that woman's shoulder and the money on the table.

Overall it's an early Halloween haunting music video, that is totally sexed up; one that may leave you clinging to your jewels; crowns and all. Not quite so relatable to the song which is about love and the feelings that go with it, pining to see that special person again. Yet, with a banger of a tune and a sexy spooky video, does it really matter?
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