Sean Smith - Turn Me On

October 25, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sean Smith is back! This popped up on my iTunes and reminding me to feature it on my blog! He was one-half of duo Same Difference, but now apart, Sean Smith has found a new record label and has released this energising single that does have old Same Difference vibes but with a slightly more mature sound and lyrics. I do miss Same Difference but for now, I can deal with just Sean Smith. It's time to play some strip poker, dance around at Sean's party and have a brilliant time in this "Turn Me On" music video from Sean Smith!

Sean Smith is best known for competing in The X Factor series four with his sister Sarah Smith under the name Same Difference. They finished third and went on to have a few hit singles. They have recorded a total of three albums, but there have been no releases from their third album, unfortunately. The duo disbanded in 2014 but clearly, Sean Smith pursued a solo career. Now he has released his debut single, where the signed copies quickly sold out. The song was written by Christian Ingebrigtsen & Nalle Ahlstedt.

The music video's opening sequence shows the aftermath of a party, the S-E-A-N balloons are amazing, I want J-O-N-N-I balloons, but my J-O-N-N-I lights that I got for my birthday from a bestie are much better!

Sidetracked! Anyhow, the video has a full-on performance piece mixed in the slight narrative, as we watch the party unfold, Sean Smith takes centre stage and dances with two backing dancers (sometimes two girls, sometimes two guys and sometimes a mix). They are all in-sync but the choreography is ten years too late. There's no rhythm in the moves and they're quite static, reminding me of Same Differences "Shine On Forever (Photo Frame)" video. This would work if the song was very bubblegum pop but this isn't a Same Difference song, it's a Sean Smith song, and so the dance moves should flow much better than this.

The party is in full swing, though. Strip poker definitely gives us something to watch, and of course, see all the fitness Sean Smith has been up to recently. Not only that but there are half-naked girls having a pillow fight on the bed, as well as the passing of the strawberry. Kudos for having a guy pass the strawberry to another guy rather than it all being guy-girl action.

As a whole, this video is more of a Same Difference visual than the new mature Sean Smith we expected. The song has a much more pop sound to it; very current. But the video fails to replicate that.
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