Bingo Players - Knock You Out

27 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Today, I let my iTunes choose a song, and as I played my music on shuffle, this one came on and I knew I had to review it's accompanying music video. It's a highly emotive song and effortlessly sung by the vocalist. It translated perfectly into a music video and definitely helps to inspire people globally. Released as a tribute to Paul Bäumer, one-half of Bingo Players, who died of cancer the year earlier; "Knock You Out" sees a girl train herself up to be stronger in the gym after she's had enough of her boyfriend beating her up.

Bingo Players is a one-man project consisting of DJ, Maarten Hoogstraten. Originally, a duo, Paul Bäumer died of cancer. The project continues because that was the latter's wishes. Unfortunately, this single didn't do quite as well as "Get Up (Rattle)" did, which was their last single as a duo.  Even though this was released as a tribute to Paul Bäumer and even though this song is so catchy and emotive, it didn't get the recognition it definitely deserved. The vocalist on the song is Kim Viera; hailing from New York, she's building her own career. After singing a few cover songs, she has gone on to release them. The song was written by Maarten Hoogstraten, Magnus Beite, Mikkel Eriksen, Paul Bäumer, Sia Furler, and Tor Hermansen.

This narrative based music video shows a woman in an abusive relationship, attempting to make herself stronger so that she can leave him.

Relating to the song perfectly, it exactly translates the "My fight is won. Who needs a gun." lyrics, which is totally suggestive of where she is now compared to where she was back then.

Clips switch between the past and the present. In the past, we see her relationship turn abusive, where she gets knocked about. In the present, we watch her toughening up in the gym, as she learns how to fight and defend herself.

At the end, we see her meet up with a new guy, someone who takes her bag from her and clearly cares for her. We watch as they walk past her abusive ex-boyfriend. Her smirk suggests her confidence and proves that she knows he's missing out on her gorgeous self.

Full of uplifting confidence that will surely inspire many people in the world, both men and women. It really goes to show how a music video can make an inspirational impact on people globally. Might've been nice to see a performance piece cut between the scenes, but not at the loss of any of the visuals.
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