Inna Featuring Marian Hill - Diggy Down

26 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Since it's a week until I see Inna for the first time, I thought I'll review one of my favourite songs from her. I remember when this was released, and I loved the song so much. Not so keen on the sexualised music video, which we'll get to later, but the song is most definitely fire. Inna collaborated with Marian Hill for this catchy club song, with a fiery sexualised performance based music video.

Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, has had a long-lasting and worthy career to date, and it isn't stopping anytime soon. She may have disappeared from certain lights in certain countries, especially the UK, but that doesn't mean she isn't doing well for herself. She has a new album coming out, and I'm hoping she drops her new single before I set off to Ireland to see her on the 3 December 2016. This song features Marian Hill, a songwriting duo consisting of Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol. Upon release, they didn't help Inna promote the song; however, it wasn't an official collaboration, they just received featured credit because the song samples their song "Got It". The song was written by Ilsey Juber, Marcel Botezan, Radu Bolfea, and Sebastian Barac.

The video was directed by Michael Mircea, with intricate editing techniques which makes it quite artistic.

Inna performs with her usual vibes, she's definitely into the song and she works the camera. Her dancer, however, fails to give anything more to the music video. He feels more like a filler than anything else.

A few different outfits that certainly shows Inna's body. Yet the thing that steals the entire video is definitely the snake visual. A snake is tantalisingly dangerous, slithering over Inna.

The effects are intricate and artistic, from fire to smoke, from mirrored reflections to water illusions. This video attempted to make it more interesting, and yet fails to capture some of the audience. Considering Inna totally upped her game with her next music video: "Bop Bop", which is total fire; this one totally falls flat.
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