Hailee Steinfeld Featuring DNCE - Rock Bottom

22 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After seeing "The Edge of Seventeen" today, I had to review this music video, where the title character is collaborating with one of my favourite new bands! The film is highly relatable and is definitely a must-see film! This song doesn't really relate to DNCE, who have just released their very unique debut album, hence why they merely only featured on the song. Hailee Steinfeld and her love interest go to a DNCE concert, where Joe Jonas passes her a mic to sing the song with them, whilst jealousy seeps out of the boyfriend in the music video to "Rock Bottom".

Hailee Steinfeld was the main character, Nadine, in the new film that hits UK cinemas next week called "The Edge of Seventeen". Check out the review I wrote for CelebMix. She's played various roles in films and TV shows, and has proven a few times that she's quite the triple threat; she can dance, sing, and act. This song is much sweeter than her most recently released "Starving", and it's quite surprising to see this wasn't an international hit because it's definitely catchy even if it is only mediocre. DNCE are a four-piece band consisting of Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle. Their music is like nothing you've heard yet, their album is phenomenal and you should totally check it out and my review for Outlet Magazine. This song doesn't really go with the songs DNCE have released. "Rock Bottom" was written by Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredriksson, Julia Michaels, and Justin Tranter.

Directed by Malia James, the music video is a memory-narrative music video, with a performance piece segment halfway through. Hailee Steinfeld's love interest / boyfriend is played by model and actor John Economou.

The opening scene sees Hailee Steinfeld in the back of a taxi, singing away to the song, as memories of her time with John Economou unravel in a series of events, from loving and passionate scenes to fights and argumentative scenes. It all leads up to a concert event where they attend a DNCE concert together. This is where she takes to the stage to perform the song with DNCE.

Now this performance piece is full of emotions, she has really identified with this song and her chemistry with Joe Jonas is infectious. She is loving every minute of being on that stage. However, there's a continuity edit that does my head in, her furry red coat starts off relaxed around her arms, revealing her back. However, in some scenes, she has the coat half-on-half-off and, in others, she's wearing it over her shoulders. It's so distracting.

Her love interest ran out the door whilst she was performing with DNCE, he clearly couldn't put up with her making eyes at Joe Jonas; I totally don't blame her, though. She steps off stage to go and find him, which is why she ended up in the taxi in the first place. The ending sees them kissing in the rain in a sweet and romantic scene.

Overall, it's a great complete music video. Every aspect and scene has been completely thought out and works in a loving circle visual. However, that continuity error bugs me nonstop. A great music video that relates to the song perfectly!
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