Chart Mondays: Hailee Steinfeld & Grey Featuring Zedd - Starving

21 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Monday, and Clean Bandit is still at the top with "Rockabye" featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie. So that opens the top ten to my Chart Mondays review. There are two reasons I've picked this music video: one, this song is set to drop out of the UK top ten next week, especially since it's been dropping week-on-week and it's currently sitting at number 10; but, also, two, I'm going to see "The Edge of Seventeen" tomorrow, as I won two free tickets to the film, which Hailee Steinfeld stars as the lead character. Considering what films I have seen her in, she's going to be perfect in the film, yet it's her music videos and songs that really impact me as they are so different from her characters. Sexy, confident and full of fire, Hailee Steinfeld dances away whilst eyeing a guy in this music video for "Starving" which is in collaboration with Grey and Zedd.

Hailee Steinfeld is a singer and actress, who is totally proving that you can do both and make it big. Her film roles have been completely incredible and as she starts on her musical career she is releasing solid songs everyone is loving. She's practically the next Hilary Duff, for sure, and yet encroaching on the brilliance of Jennifer Lopez. In the next decade or so, Hailee Steinfeld will be one of the greats, she's already halfway there and it's not going to stop now. This song is a collaboration with Grey. They are an American electronic brother duo consisting of Kyle Trewartha and Michael Trewartha. They have remixed some pretty well-known tracks, and has released two collaborative tracks, including this one, the other being "Adrenaline". Zedd features on this track, real name Anton Zaslavski. He has worked with Grey on both of the aforementioned tracks. He is definitely one of the biggest DJs in the whole world, and I am a fan. This song was written by Michael Trewartha, Kyle Trewartha, Robert McCurdy, Christopher Petrosino, and Asia Whiteacre.

Darren Craig is the director of this mainly performance-based music video, which envelopes a slight narrative. Grey make a cameo appearance in the music video, although no sign of Zedd. Hailee Steinfeld is a vision.

There are a few scenes to point out. The opening scene is emotional, really impacting the audience making them think she's serenading us. Then a shirtless dancer comes in the choreography scene, he's obviously the love interest. The scene is fire, with Hailee Steinfeld completely showing she can dance as well as sing and act; totally a triple threat!

Then there's the fading into the wallpaper scene, where her outfit matches the wall behind her, this totally messes with my head, and I find it difficult to focus. Luckily, I'm not the only one, though. It's a slight insight into the sort of characters I've seen her play in the films I've seen, although the outfit in question totally pushes that idea out the way because that outfit is sexy, sultry and completely works for her.

The video's great, although a more-developed narrative would've made this brilliant. There are a few undeveloped scenes, that I wish I could see more of; the ending scene, in particular, is gorgeous but not long enough. There's not a lot else I can say, but it's one of the good performance-based music videos I've seen!
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