The Veronicas - On Your Side

19 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Everyone is talking about this music video, it definitely packs a punch. The Veronicas have been on point recently with new music, and although they haven't had much chart success in recent years, they've managed to strum up attention, and this music video has certainly done that. Watch Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso go through the ups and downs of being in a lesbian relationship. "On Your Side" displays a passionate relationship, totally relatable to the LGBT+ community.

The Veronicas are a sister duo consisting of Jessica Origliasso and Lisa Origliasso. They made a name for themselves when they released "4ever" which was then topped when "Untouched" was released. Internation success has been difficult for them, but they prove time and time again that acts can regain global fame, just like they did with "You Ruin Me". Now this song is set to do the exact same once again because of this incredible music video. This song was written by Lisa Origliasso, Jessica Origliasso, Wayne Hector, and Jim Eliot.

Directed by Ruby Rose, real name Ruby Rose Langenheim; this music video is completely outstanding. Relating perfectly with the lyrics, Ruby Rose stars as Jessica Origliasso's love interest. Totally enveloping themselves within this relatioship, which is completely true and real since they are girlfriend and girlfriend in real life, they easily display affection and emotion on camera.

Tackling hard issues from the abuse LGBT+ community receives to drug abuse; it's incredible that they've managed to include eveything in this single four minute music video. How is it possible?

We've all been in a romantic relationship like this, a whirlwind romance that feels so real. Mine has never built into anything more than what it was, whereas the visual suggests there is love for everyone out there and there is always one person on your side even if you don't see it at the time.

Completely narrative throughout, we watch the meeting of Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso. We watch as it develops into a loving relationship. I need a guy who will drop a massive teddy on my doorstep!

Typical relationship events enfold including the meeting of Jessica Origliasso's sister, Lisa. So she does appear in a cut-scene. Which then leads onto the all important bar scene, where a guy cracks onto Jessica. Ruby Rose is not too happy about this and turns it into a fight, which doesn't go her way. It does mean Jessica Origliasso gets to care for Ruby Rose in bed. But this is where another important scene takes place.

Ruby Rose doesn't want to take the pain killers that her girlfriend offers, but she gives in what with the pain being unbearable. On first take, you would think nothing of it, yet as the scenes unfold, with Ruby Rose unable to stop taking the medication even after she's completely healed; suggests addiction, and it might be something that happened in her past too.

As expected Ruby Rose hides it from Jessica Origliasso, but she ends up finding out in the end, which leaves her walking out the door. But when she returns, she still cares for her and finds Ruby Rose on the floor after taking an overdose.

No matter how hard life gets, there is always someone on your side, even if you think you are all alone. This emotional impact really cuts deep within, no ones truly alone. People care, even if you think they don't. Life is there to be lived, even if you are struggling. Even if you don't feel it inside, you impact somebody each and every day in a good way, whether you mean to or not.

Can I just state, Ruby Rose is gorgeous throughout this, how on earth is she so pretty? I have no answers but she is beauty personified. Jessica Origliasso is just as stunning, she's a strong powerful woman in this music video as Ruby Rose shows her insecurities. They make a perfect couple, and we can see the realness behind it completely.

This music video is the complete package. It might be a pure narrative, with only one of The Veronicas taking up a prominient role, whereas Lisa Origliasso is, pretty much, unseen, but I can't deny the beauty of this music video. Not only are they tackling LGBT+ issues, but drug addiction plays a prominent role towards the end, all wrapped up in a relatable loving relationship. The Veronicas and Ruby Rose are a force to be reckoned with, and I hope to see more videos directed by Ruby Rose. You hit home, and did it beautifully and perfectly.
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