New Release: Britney Spears Featuring Tinashe - Slumber Party

18 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After getting up early today to watch this music video, and then write my article for CelebMix about it, I knew I had to review it on my blog too. To me, this music video is one of the best ones from Britney Spears, mainly because of how happy she is, she's giving amazing positive vibes in this video, and it's nice to see her like this. Britney Spears and Tinashe team up for this exciting new music video for "Slumber Party". They dance, party and have fun in a spooky mansion.

Britney Spears returned with a whole new album this year titled "Glory". Personally, it's one of Britney's best albums she has released; literally, I like every single song, which is extremely rare, for me. Now, after the dire "Make Me..." video that was a rushed release after the highly anticipated one got scrapped; she has now totally redeemed herself by releasing one of her best videos yet. Teaming up with Tinashe slightly didn't add much to the song, but the video itself is, even more, fire with them both. Tinashe, full name Tinashe Kachingwe, is one of those singers that dip in and out of the charts and although she hasn't had a global hit, her songs are still known amongst the general public. Sales aren't everything, and nor are charts; Tinashe is definitely proof of that. This was her dream, to collaborate with Britney Spears, and to get to the point in your career where you complete your dream is something to be massively proud of. This song was written by Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredriksson, Julia Michaels, and Justin Tranter.

Directed by grammy-nominated Colin Tilley, it's no surprise how amazing this video is. There's so much to this music video, that I don't even know where to start. Britney Spears' love interest in the music video is actor and model Sam Ashgari.

The opening scene is a car driving through some gates, that had opened mysteriously by themselves. Britney Spears steps out of the back and starts walking up to the mansion; she takes off her red fur coat and leaves it lying on the floor, showing off her sexy red dress.

The party is in full swing much like "If U Seek Amy"'s music video is. Only this time they have bubbles creating a haze like visual. Then she catches the eye of Sam Ashgari, and we don't blame her for checking him out.

Plenty of other scenes follow; a party scene, a luxury sitting room scene, and a killer dance scene that has Britney Spears smashing out the dance sequences like they're nothing. A true professional right there, in total sync with her backing dancers.

Tinashe soon arrives, she magically appears in the sitting room and they both start to caress each other, are they suggesting a threesome to Sam Ashgari? Wouldn't be the first time Britney Spears suggested a threesome, just listen to those lyrics in "3".

Tinashe also gets up onto the dancefloor for a one-on-one with Britney Spears. This was not a surprise, they are flawless throughout, and yet manage to make it look like they came up with the choreography there and then. The dances are easily performed and perfectly relatable to the lyrics almost a direct translation, enough where we know we'll totally be performing them when we're clubbing.

Britney Spears brings milk into the visual once again in an iconic scene. Milk previously appeared in "I Wanna Go", but this time around, it's Britney Spears who is lapping up the milk herself. It has been spilt on the table, probably when she climbed onto the table and sexily crawled her way to Sam Ashgari.

The ending sees the doors close by themselves. Quite the haunting video, it makes me wonder if they had planned for a Halloween release, but pushed it back and made it less haunting. Although why Sam Ashgari has that tattoo on his face is anyone's guess.

Overall, this is definitely one of her best videos. Relatable, fun, a killer dance scene, a brilliant collaboration, a great opening scene, a dining room table crawl scene. What more could we have asked for? Britney Spears' performance is on point throughout, and Tinashe is brilliant as a featured guest star. A little note to the dancer that has Britney Spears' head lying on his body whilst she touches his crotch, I bet not many guys can say that Britney has done that to them. This is the happiest I've seen Britney Spears in a music video for a while! Pure fire!
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