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December 30, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Compass - Forever in Your Mind |

Why is it that every time this Friday comes around, usually the last Friday of the year, there is no new releases? How am I supposed to write a music video review on a new release, when no songs are released. It has taken me all day to find this one, and the song has been out as part of an EP for months, but the music video is new, so it counts in my world. This group first came to my attention due to Disney's Descendents Christmas Holiday EP, where they contributed a Christmas song. Since then I've been aware of their music. I think I kind or remember them on The X Factor (US) but I'm not so sure. They have released an EP and various singles. In this music video for "Compass", Forever In You Mind perform in a forest. Looking cute and sexy with their amazing vocals, they prove that they deserve to be in the music industry.

Forever In Your Mind are a three-piece boy band consisting of Emery Kelly, Ricky Garcia, and Liam Attridge. They were formed on The X Factor (US), back then Jon Klassen was a part of the group, but he left the band and was replaced by Liam Attridge. They made a name for themselves by mixing up songs in a medley; most famously they mixed up Disney Channel songs, which was later included on a Disney Channel album. They recently released their debut EP, and it looks like they are gaining quite a popular fan base. I cannot wait for what the future will bring for them. This song, "Compass", may seem quite simplistic, but the guys manage to fill it with passion and add perfect power and gorgeous harmonies. Forever In Your Mind will be part of a new Disney Channel TV series for 2017, titled "Forever Boys". Could they be the next Jonas Brothers?

The music video isn't anything massively entertaining. As much as we all wanted the guys to be in sailor outfits heading out to sea, much like the song suggests; the visual has chosen to be more performance-based, allowing Forever In Your Mind to show off their stage presence.

They obviously gel well as a group, and they certainly get on, but that could be due to Liam Attridge and Emery Kelly being cousins.

The group have fought to get to where they want to be, and it's probably been quite a fall not getting through to the live shows of The X Factor (US), but with the help of their fan base and Disney Channel, they will manage to prove their worth and the terrible mistake Simon Cowell made by letting this group go.

There's not a lot else to say about this. I would have preferred a more choreographed scene, just to pull them closer together in their shots, and definitely a narrative. Yet, they show their energy and their ability to show their emotion for this song, it clearly means something to them. The future is definitely bright for Forever In Your Mind, and I cannot wait to see what they release next. I also hope their Disney Channel show becomes a success.
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