Robbie Williams - Love My Life

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Love My Life - Robbie Williams |

If there's one song on the radio that keeps capturing my attention, it's this one. It's full of so much positive energy, enough to make me love the song, that I'm glad to hear something so loving and positive being played often. Robbie Williams has always been someone I haven't been keen on, and then being a student in Stoke-on-Trent - his hometown - had me disliking him more as they blasted out his songs in clubs. I just can't dance to any of his songs, no thank you! Anyhow, this one is a grower of a song, and I'm not the only one turning to liking the song. As for the video, it's another one that throws shade to paparazzi. Robbie Williams walks on the beach and on the road surrounded by girls with cameras shooting his every look, mood, and move, in this video for "Love My Life".

Robbie Williams is one of the biggest UK male artists in the country. He has several number ones under his belt and is constantly popping up on TV. He was originally a part of boy band Take That, before pursuing a solo career. He has made his name with so many songs, that it's a surprise he never made it big in the US. He is totally a household name, and his success is unbelievable, but considering how catchy most of his hits are, it isn't all that surprising. This is his new song, it was previously sung on The X Factor a few weeks ago, but it didn't chart so well. However, with extended radio play and the catchiness of the song, it has been climbing. The song was written by Robert Williams, Fiona Davies, and Johnny McDaid.

There isn't a lot going on in the music video, and there certainly isn't much to it. People have suggested that the budget was blown on his previous music video, "Party Like A Russian", and so it's not a surprise that this one has a low budget.

It was filmed at Leysdown Beach on the Isle of Sheppey. It's quite dreary and wet which exactly explains the British weather.

There's various girls surrounding him as he walks along the beach and the road. The camera switches from one girl to another. At times the footage is blocked by another girl, filming. At other times, Robbie Williams isn't singing whatsoever, which suggests they haven't got good footage of that particular lyric.

As a whole, it feels like a total low-budget music video, one that college students would make. I have actually seen better college student music videos. This is slow and boring, and Robbie Williams doesn't look like he is loving his own life, especially at that moment. He's slightly rigid performing this song, maybe he's freezing on Leysdown Beach; it does look cold. Either way, he should still look like he's having a great time.

As for the girls, they imply what his life is like. Everyone has a camera nowadays. He can't go anywhere without being snapped. It's been his life since he was young, yet he is loving it nonetheless. It may have tainted him in the past, but, now as a much older man, he has learned from his mistakes and he loves where he is now. Such a positive song that I'm glad it's getting the recognition it deserves. I just wish there was a much better music video.
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