Inna - Hot (Dancing In The Dark Video Edit)

December 01, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Thursday Revisit time, and it's obvious I was going to do an Inna music video review due to the fact that I'm going to see her in Dublin, Ireland on SATURDAY! It's so close! After checking what music videos I have already reviewed, I found out that this is the only one left that is older than five years, and it's not a music video I like. I much prefer the original music video to "Hot", which I have previously reviewed. This alternative music video for Inna's "Hot" shows off some performance vibes whilst dancers enact choreography. It's very bright and slightly over the top in a low budget way.

Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, made her name with this song. Although, it's the previous music video that was pushed out internationally. This one remained an online music video. She will be performing in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday 3rd December 2016, it's the first time I have ever had the chance to see her live, and I am so excited - if you can't tell - and she will most likely sing this song. I've been a fan of Inna's for six years, so this is a dream come true to see her live. For anyone who read my previous review of the original music video, they will know the success of this single, and how much I love this song and that video. "Hot" was written by Sebastian Barac, Radu Bolfea, and Marcel Botezan.

This not so great music video was directed by Florin Botea, who also did the original international music video to "Hot". Two music videos by the same director for this song. One is far superior than the other, so it's no surprise this was an online music video.

Mainly a performance-based music video; we see Inna performing her song, with her usual energy, although she is dressed way over the top. This looks like an eccentric side to Inna, the side that wasn't really her at all.

The dancers aren't anything special, they do the choreography but it's nothing amazing. The visuals fail to capture anything real, and it just comes off very fake.

The bright lights definitely doesn't help, and it's all way too much. It's no surprise that the original version was chosen to market Inna's debut single around the world, although I don't see why they ever released this music video, but I guess it would've been wasted material if they hadn't. The other version is way better and my star rating proves that.
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