New Release: Joe Goddard - Lose Your Love

December 02, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

OMG, like what the hell is this? What have I just watched? This is literally beyond crazy! I definitely don't know what to make of this, as of yet; as for the song, it's just as bad although kind of catchy in it's own right. This is most certainly a new release that has gone under the radar, although it's definitely one people will probably not be listening to. Joe Goddard's music video for "Lose Your Love" is beyond weird and totally crazy, and yet it has a fun lilt to it that is quite inclusive.

Joe Goddard is mostly known for being a part of band Hot Chip. He is also a part of The 2 Bears, as well as Greco Roman. Releasing music solo isn't something new since his iTunes page suggests he has released a fair amount of music. He's a DJ mainly. This song is a remix of the original by The Emotions, titled "I Don't Want To Lose Your Love".

The music video is directed by Fred Rowson. It features actor Benjamin Murray acting as the main character Störm, a spirit guru.

This music video is totally out there. Störm starts it all off in the bathroom as he psyches himself up to teach his class.

Benjamin Murray explained that the video was so fun to make. The actors really let go, allowing invisible energy balls to pass between them and absorb inside their bodies. Various scenes show Störm losing control of his class as a new guy comes in.

We see the little love strike he has for a certain female student and his obvious affection leads to jealousy and rage. It consumes him to the point where he is no longer the teacher and that it is all just students reacting to the film that's being shown.

The ending is quite thought-provoking and still doesn't make sense. If anything, this music video is completely absurd and totally weird. I most certainly don't want to watch it again, and although people are finding it hilarious and fun, I just don't see what I get out of it by watching it. I did not get this at all.
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