Inna Featuring Pitbull - Good Time

03 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

For anyone who knows, I actually went on a mini holiday to Dublin to see Inna last weekend. This is the song that started off her set, although it was only part of the countdown and she never actually sung it live. As I'm doing catch-up blogs, today's blog would've been released on Saturday, the day she performed at The Wright Venue in Dublin, Ireland. The song is a grower, and I admit that I didn't like it, myself, at first; but now it's one of my favourite tracks, and I really wish it had been a global hit for her. Inna collaborated with Pitbull on this upbeat pop song titled "Good Time", where we can see her group follow messages on a screen with hashtags.

Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, is my favourite female artist in the music industry; however, you should already know that she's my queen if you follow my blog as I never stop talking about her. She was completely amazing live and I so want to see her again. She also spotted me in the crowd and pointed to me twice, I have video evidence of that. This song didn't make quite the impact and people had hoped and although Pitbull is a massive name, it didn't really help. Pitbull, real name Armando Pérez, is definitely 'Mr World Wide' as he calls himself, he also has nicknames for various other stars, Inna is: 'International Sensation'. He has collaborated with so many stars and has had various hits, so much so that he's made his name globally known. This song gained popularity much later on from its release, when it featured on the adverts for US drama 'Young & Hungry' as well as in 'Pitch Perfect 2'. The song was written by Steve Mac, Ina Wroldsen, and Armando C. Pérez.

Directed by Barna Nemethi, the music video is completely simple and relaxed, and yet completely fun. It is getting comparisons to Katy Perry's "This Is How We Do", which was released much later than this one.

A coin is inserted into a slot, then computers go looking for Pitbull. He appears on the screen, ready to introduced the song with his rap, as Inna prepares for a dance sequence; the choreography of which is simplistic, yet fun.

The entire music video is fun, the dancers and models and Inna react to each hashtag, which requires them to do something or present something. These action varies from bubbles to her blonde hair, from a pyjama party to golf, from paintball to cheer leading.

A lot of scene changes and costume changes. Surprisingly, it's compact, attempting to include as many actions as possible in such a short video is quite admirable. The ending ends with the need to insert a coin again, much like turning this music video into a continuous loop. Have this video on repeat, and it'll never end.

Overall, it's a total explosion of fun. Inna looks as sexy as ever, and yet her most happiest as she performs all these different actions with her backing dancers and models. It's bright and colourful, and it definitely unleashes fun into the world. It's time to have a good time with Inna & Pitbull.
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