Craig Stickland - Liquor Store Blues

14 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

In two weeks time, I'll be seeing JoJo in Birmingham for her Mad Love Tour. Recently it was announced that Craig Stickland will be flying over the Atlantic to support JoJo at all her European dates, so what better way for me to get to know his songs than to review the music videos on my blog? So expect some more reviews up later. This gritty country rock song is going to be the perfect lead to get us excited for JoJo. Watch Craig Stickland give an infectious performance in this music video for "Liquor Store Blues" whilst also acting through the morning after the night before.

Craig Stickland is a Canadian singer-songwriter. This song is his most popular track to date, and it's no surprise since it is ever-so-catchy. He released his debut album on 15 January 2016, who would've thought that exactly a year later he would be kicking off the European leg of JoJo's Mad Love Tour in Dublin? He's country vibe easily settles in with his gritty rock-side, mixing the two up to create this awesome sound that will, no doubt, bring more popularity his way.

This music video was directed by Aaron A. There is both a performance side and a narrative side; however, the latter is not that developed and has quite a plodding storyline, which definitely coincides well with the song.

We watch Craig Stickland get up and from the couch, caress his piano with his face, get ready haphazardly to go to the bar, where he has a drink that he nurses before leaving.

The narration feels like it's the morning after a heavy session. It easily relates to the title of the song and gives insight into the lyrics. We've all been there, drinking a bit too much, forgetting things including our shoes. We've all had the "Liquor Store Blues" that is blurring our minds.

The performance is full of soulful emotional vibes, Craig Stickland knows how to perform and build up a song; rocking behind his guitar adding passion into the mic. He excites me for JoJo's Mad Love Tour. He's going to open the European shows in ways we can't expect; he will easily gear the audience up for JoJo.
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