JoJo Featuring Remy Ma - FAB.

15 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

With less than two weeks to go until I see JoJo live in Birmingham for her Mad Love Tour; it's obvious I was going to review more of her music videos on my blog. This one is her newest release and is total fire. I previously wrote an article on the video for CelebMix. This is totally one of my favourite songs from her "Mad Love" album, even though each song on that album is completely amazing. I reviewed the album for Outlet Magazine. Watch JoJo stroll around the streets of New York in this black and white visual of a song about Fake Ass Bitches ("FAB"), with Remy Ma.

JoJo, real name Joanna Levesque, has hit the music industry hard with her third album, but it totally isn't a surprise since she has been trying to release this third album for years now. Record label problems stopped her, but she's quite the inspiration for people going after what they want. JoJo wanted to release new music, and she has finally achieved it. If JoJo can overcome the brick walls standing in her way, we can overcome ours as well. Her Mad Love Tour kicks off today in Dublin, and in 13 days she'll be performing in Birmingham, which is where I have meet and greet tickets! It'll be my birthday too so she can totally wish me a happy birthday! Remy Ma collaborates on this track, real name Reminisce Smith. She's a grammy-nominated rapper and is definitely one of the biggest female rappers about at the moment, and totally someone you should be keeping your eyes on. This song was written by Joanna Levesque, Jussi Karvinen, Hayley Warner, Jason Dean, Joe Kirkland, and Reminisce Smith.

Directed by Wes Tedhome, this video is completely in black and white and sees JoJo perform her song "FAB", with a clip of Remy Ma during her rap verse.

This super songstress is walking the streets of New York, looking incredibly sexy in her outfit. She performs with passion throughout meaning every word she is singing. This song is clearly close to her heart and I literally cannot wait to hear this live.

Remy Ma adds some fire to this already lit track, spinning it up totally with a very awesome rap. She performs it amazingly in this video clip, and it works well completely.

Overall, there's so much passion and emotion in this video. JoJo totally loves this song, and so do we! I'm glad this got a music video, and it has the same passion as her tringle singles "When Love Hurts", "Say Love", and "Save My Soul". I so hope she sings those songs at the Mad Love Tour as well!
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