Karmen - You Got It

January 22, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

You Got It - Karmen |

New to Global Records, Karmen surprised me and I'm happy to find another Global Records artist that I like... Soon enough I'll be a fan of all of them because they are coming out with some killer sounds. She previously released cover versions on Sprint Music Media Group as Carmen. Now she's ready to release her own songs under Global Records as Karmen. Watch Karmen dance around in this high-quality studio "You Got It" music video that is full on fire from start to finish.

Karmen, real name Carmen Simionescu, has been paving out her career in music for quite some time now. She has been brought up around music as her father is Adrian Minune, who is a famous Romanian manele singer. As previously stated, she started her career by releasing cover versions of songs, this led to signing with Sprint Music, who helped her to establish herself as Carmen. Now rocking a whole new name under a new record label, Global Records; Karmen is ready to set out for world domination. This is her debut single under name Karmen. It was written by Lucan Vlad Octavian, Achi, and Caliman Alexandru.

The music video is directed by Bogdan Daragiu, known as simply Daragiu. It's a pure performance piece that Karmen totally nails.

There is a full on dance choreography throughout. Karmen is a total centre point and smashed out the dancing as if it were nothing. She rolls well with the guys as well as the girls. She's the centre of the show and she is totally on point throughout.

The solo performance is sexy and stylish, Karmen knows exactly how to draw the eye of the camera and does well to draw attention, she does it with complete perfection.

Now she's on Global Records with Inna, Antonia, Lori, Alexandra Stan, Carla's Dreams, and many other international artists; Karmen is ready to be the next big name, we just hope you're ready too.
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