Chart Mondays: Little Mix - Touch

January 23, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Touch (Official Video) - Little Mix |

Finally, a music video for this awesomely catchy track, that has been in the top 10 of the UK chart for quite some time now. The music video for the girls' second single from their "Glory Days" album was released just before midnight on Friday. It hasn't been followed up by a single release, as of yet; it currently has been charting from album track downloads alone. Watch the girls of Little Mix dance their way through a very colourful maze with various male dancers dancing flirtatiously around them in the "Touch" music video.

Little Mix are the biggest UK girl group around at the moment. They are still the only group to win The X Factor. They consist of Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall. They recently grabbed their first number one album with "Glory Days" and are currently set to go out on tour in promotion for the album. This definitely won't be their last single, although what they will choose next is anyone's guess. The song was written by Hanni Ibrahim, Patrick Patrikios, A.S. Govere, and Phil Plested.

The music video was directed by Director X and Parris Goebel. Think you recognise that latter name? Well, she's the one who choreographed most of Justin Bieber's "Purpose: The Movement" music videos. She has also choreographed for many other well-known stars; it's no wonder she is sought after in the music industry. I would go into who Director X is, but you all know his amazing back catalogue of music videos.

We are first shown a very colourful maze, an ideal place to get lost in. Someone, tell me where it is and I'll get lost in there, maybe make a really hot guy go in there as well... Oh wait, there's the hot dancers, guess I'll be sorted for men. Where is this maze?

The girls knock the choreography out perfectly. This isn't exactly something new for them, we've seen similar in "Move" and "Salute", but this is one of their most fired-up music videos. As much as I hate to compare them to Fifth Harmony, those girls have got this type of music video completely nailed, and they pull off what they're wearing easily... As for Little Mix it feels more experimental; like they're trying this route and direction but it's not what we're used to, and not what they're used to.

Dancing is pure fire throughout, we expect nothing less from the girls. Their outfits, however, is less sexy and more different; especially Perrie Edwards with her plastic corset-like costume, surely that wasn't comfortable to wear. Plus the knee-length boots must've made it tricky for the girls to dance in. The styling just looks like the director and girls got their wires crossed and it became a compromise. Whatever the reason for the styling, the girls bring it with a fierceness we haven't seen from them before.

This is not just a normal music video, it may go down in history as the day Little Mix transformed into sexy provocative women. It is completely fierce and could easily take them down a path that will bring more fired-up music videos. Totally relatable and the dancing is completely on point.
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