New Release: Rationale - Reciprocate

January 20, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Reciprocate - Rationale |

Struggled, once again, to find a new release with a music video, but came across this one and I just HAD to review it. This song hits me, there's a strong emotional connection and the gorgeous soulful voice is completely powerful over the amazing upbeat dance-like backing track that would totally be drawing me on to the dancefloor. Watch Rationale perform his song "Reciprocate" on many different stages, unleashing his killer sound out to his fans and the others in the audience.

Rationale has been going for a number of years, lending his vocals for Bastille and DJ Jakwob, before releasing his debut single in 2015, which he followed up with an EP. Now into 2017, he has released this song, and it is a killer track. It may not have gained momentum, but with his amount of fans and people recognising his potential in the music industry, Rationale will become one artist you can't wait to hear more from. In a world where new artists are emerging quickly and incredibly fast, Rationale will be on everyone's radars in no time at all. This song is one of those that will blow up, or become a lost treasure; either way, you need to listen to it.

The music video is extremely basic. It's a pure performance video that combines multiple visuals of Rationale performing on stage.

At times you get to see the crowd, usually with their phone torches in the air, waving in time to the beat. This shows that energy is being unleashed into the crowd, they are so lucky to have heard him live.

As for the staging shots. The camera is at a low angle, giving Rationale an empowering stance. It doesn't help him show what he's like on stage, because of the camera angle. It isn't great viewing, but regardless, Rationale puts his all in performing on stage and that really comes across.

Overall, this could be any other tour video, it doesn't add anything new; and, certainly, doesn't make the song any better. To be fair the song is amazing, and no matter what the video was, it would still be great to listen to. The rating is based on the video alone, but it's just like any other tour music video.
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