Stromae - Alors on danse

19 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Alors On Danse - Stromae |

It's Thursday again, which means it's revisit time. I chose Stromae since this is his only song to have charted in the UK, and it is completely an international hit. I have to admit, I didn't recognise the song when I mentioned the title in yesterday's blog post of "Papaoutai"; but, as soon as I clicked play on this music video, I recognised it instantly. No wonder this was a worldwide hit. Watch Stromae go about his life in a split screen music video for "Alors on danse", starting in his office, to walking the streets, to being at a bar and concert.

Stromae, real name Paul Van Haver, made his name with this massive global smash of a single "Alors on danse". When translated to English, it means "So We Dance". The song is about going through life; that life is what you make of it and it's all the same regardless. It's a highly deep concept, and I don't see it working if it were in English. He went on to release some more awesome songs that did well in many different countries. I can totally see him releasing another incredible hit song. This one was written by Paul Haver.

The music video is difficult to follow, especially since it is split screen. Both visuals take place at the same time, but it's clear that a different camera shot is used in both.

There's a cycle narration going on, starting off with Stromae in his office, then he visits his child, but a woman slaps him across the face and suggests that he should leave. He comes into contact with a homeless guy, who steals his jacket from him. He then bumps into a friend who takes him to a bar and makes him drink some alcohol. He clearly isn't in the party mood but his friends don't notice and he is soon pulled onto a stage to perform his song. He passes out and is dragged back to his office by an unknown guy.

The story goes round in a full circle, although he doesn't exactly end up where he started since the homeless guy still has his jacket. It does represent the song in a brilliant way, and yet it is difficult to follow because of the split screen. Nonetheless, since the song and the music video work well together, I have to give it this rating.
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