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Saturday - Basshunter |

We have to admit, this is definitely a catchy song, it's just a shame that they didn't continue the love triangle narrative found in Basshunter's previous music videos. However, I can totally make this music video fit in with the narrative, slightly - but more on that later. I actually thought this song and music video would've been a feature, and an attempt to promote a whole new sexy girl group, however, the female vocalist or vocalists were never revealed and went on as uncredited. Watch Basshunter go clubbing, he gains supernatural powers that enable him to control scantily-clad girls in this "Saturday" music video.

Basshunter, real name Jonas Altberg, hasn't released anything new for years now, and he is practically just promoting himself by doing clubbing tours. We need new music from him, to speak the truth. This song in itself was his last biggest hit in the UK, and I very much doubt he could make a comeback unless he actually releases something amazing. This song was written by Erick Morillo, Mark Quashie, Mich Hansen, Thomas Troelsen, and Engelina Larsen. It contains a sample of Real 2 Real's "I Like To Move It".

Directed by Alex Herron, the video has more to do with Basshunter's love for video games, hence the whole reason why he can control the women in the club. However, I know exactly how this can fit into the whole narration, even if it's actually stepped aside and like "Walk On Water", it's its own music video.

So let's RECAP! "Now You're Gone" gave us Aylar Lie and Lucas Thorheim breaking up by text yet they both go clubbing with their respected friends and end up in the same club and get back together. "All I Ever Wanted" shows them on holiday in Spain, they have fun and go clubbing, but Lucas finds a 'mate's cousin', is it the end for them? "Angel In The Night" broke Aylar & Lucas up via text again, and Aylar finds Jonas Altberg (Basshunter) and after impressing her with his street racing and singing, they kiss... "I Miss You / Jingle Bells" brings Christmas in Norway; there's snow, presents and a dip in the hot tub, as well as Jonas having to fend off a guy from coming on to Aylar. "Walk On Water" breaks the story as we're shown the touring life of Basshunter. "Every Morning" saw Jonas building up the courage to propose to Aylar, but the right moment never happens, and then the water takes her and she disappears. "I Promised Myself" revealed that Aylar had been found and is being treated at hospital, Jonas hops in a taxi and goes over his past memories; however, when he arrives Lucas is the one next to her bed.

So how does this music video fit in? I hear you ask... Well Jonas is clearly upset at what he's seen, and instead of talking it out, he leaves the hospital in search of the nearest club so he can get a drink. He just happens to come across a new-age strip club that allows you to control the women. There's my link, and it does fit, but the video itself should still be treated separately even if it does fit within the narrative.

As a whole, the video is clever and incredibly sexy. It's fully relatable to the song and Basshunter is definitely looking hot throughout. There isn't a lot of substance to the video, but it's intricate in the ideas.

Overall, it works well with the song, but I would've liked to have seen the female vocalist fully credited. It's more her song than Basshunter's, especially since he didn't write or produce this song, so I'm not quite sure what he did to this song himself, apart from his own vocals. Regardless, it works but I kind of wished the girls could control him at the end as a role reversal.
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