New Release: Aura - Can't Steal The Music

10 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Can't Steal the Music - Aura |

So many new releases today, some of which are from some big names, and yet no music videos, which means I have to discover a whole new artist. This is Aura, who has an incredible voice. Slightly cheating with this because the EP to this song isn't out until March, however if you pre-order the EP you will get this song and a remix as an instant grat download, although I don't see why they have it as pre-order as it just stops two remixes of this song from being released, which people aren't all that fussed about. Nonetheless, you can actually download this song, and with vocals like that, how can you not? Aura stuns us all with this emotional performance music video of her new song "Can't Steal The Music". You can't take it away.

Aura, real name Maria Joensen, has already established herself as an artist amongst Europe, most notably in Scandinavia, especially her home country of Denmark. She previously went under the name of Aura Dione, and had a trio of hits: "I Will Love You Monday (365)", "Geronimo", and "Friends", the latter of which featured Rock Mafia. Now going with a monotonous name of Aura, she is set on releasing more music and a third studio album, named after this track. The album itself will also feature previous singles "Love Somebody" and "Indian Giver". The song was written by Aura and Jamie Hartman.

Directed by Michael Sauer, the music video shows off Aura brilliantly. She easily gets into her role proving that no one can steal music away from her.

She brings a natural stage presence to the video in the various scenes. She's completely emotional throughout, clearly thinking of her past relationship that stripped her of who she was. But music was the one thing that got her through it, hence the song and her amazing acting skills in the video.

Passionate and effective, there's also some dance sequences mixed in. Aura shows that she can dance, interpreting the lyrics amazingly into a few slow steps that accentuate this music video as a whole. There's also a possible love interest, as Aura cuddles up to a hooded person; is this the person she has been singing too, telling them that they can't steal the music from her? Who knows, but he or she looks quite shady to me. Great music video, I'm glad I chose it for my New Release music video review, and I can't wait to see what the future brings for Aura because that voice is incredible.
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