New Release: Era Istrefi Featuring Felix Snow - Redrum

24 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Redrum (feat. Felix Snow) - Era Istrefi |

I truly believe Era Istrefi is the next big thing. She became popular after "BonBon" dominated the world, but not the charts, and now she's back with a brand new soft dance song that is embedded in my head. It's so good and yet not as clubby as I was expecting. However, I can see the DJs going mad with this and bringing some killer remixes to the table. Era Istefi brings performance vibes like no other, whilst looking extremely sexy in this music video for "Redrum" which features Felix Snow.

Era Istrefi is totally one of these artists that you should be keeping an eye on. From Kosovo, she's absolutely stunning, and she is totally launching her musical career and bringing it. "BonBon" totally gave her worldwide fame, now she just needs to hold on to that and keep going. This follow-up track is a definite step in the right direction, showing her off perfectly as an artist. This song is what I would call soft dance music, you expect something more, but in this subtle form, it works perfectly. I hope some brilliant remixes are on their way with this track. The song has just been released, and I hope it becomes a successful follow-up single. Felix Snow features on the track, he's a DJ and CEO of EFFESS.

Directed by Millicent Hailes, the music video is a full performance visual, with Era Istrefi looking gorgeous throughout and giving it her all.

There's not an awful lot going on, there's a car doing donuts around her, sending out red smoke; there's a mirror where her beauty is reflected; there's red ink dripping off her body, which I suppose to represent blood; and then there's Era Istrefi performing the song.

As a whole, it's a great visual, something interesting to watch and keep the audience entertained, but at the same time, it doesn't give anything new to the viewers. It's a great song, that should do well globally, even though it probably won't get the attention it deserves; but, once again, the music video doesn't bring anything new; however, it's visually interesting.
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