Inna - Gimme Gimme

February 01, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Gimme Gimme - Inna |

For anyone who knows me, this was an obvious choice for my next music video review on my blog. I previously wrote up about the music video for CelebMix. As well as the teaser video from yesterday. Inna dropped this music video today, and it's filled with summer sounds and gorgeous visuals that excite me for summer. The song will be a part of her fifth studio album which is expected to be released this year, possibly during the summer. Once again, Inna is stylishly sexy in her new music video, walking the streets of Mexico and soaking up the sun's summer rays in "Gimme Gimme".

Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, has been teasing this new song for a few months now. She is set to release her fifth studio album, that will include previous songs "Heaven" and "Say It With Your Body". Having seen her perform in Ireland two months ago, I know that the amazing stage presence she shows in her music videos are just as amazing at her concerts. She is my favourite artist in the world, and she is continuing to bring it with every song and music video that she releases. This song was written by Inna, David Ciente, Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Alexandru Barac, Breyan Isaac, and Vasile Elena Luminita.

The music video was directed by Khaled Mokhtar. It takes place in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico; where Inna, back in October, fell in love with the beauty of the place and it's architecture. The video is visually beautiful, it's no surprise she chose this place for the music video.

There are many different scenes that see Inna performing her song. The main one is where she is relaxing against a Volkswagon Beetle, as well as when she is performing in front of brightly coloured front doors to houses.

Other actresses appear, one with balloons, another with a topless guy (who totally reminds us of Alexandra Stan - just slightly), and a few others here and there. Extras are also shown who are clearly Mexicans.

This whole summer feel of the music video is making me wish it was summer again. It's neatly packaged with some brilliant shots in the whole video. The ending sees Inna let loose and have a party with her friends. Inna is looking as gorgeous as always, and this video totally works, although it's a shame there wasn't a romantic element in the visual.
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