Nils Van Zandt Featuring Lynn Larouge & Stress Dollaz - In Need Of Love

31 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

In Need of Love (Radio Edit) [feat. Lynn Larouge & Stress Dollaz] - Nils van Zandt |

Okay, another music video picked from my iTunes random player. The song got stuck in my head and I wasn't sure what music video to pick to review, so I decided upon this one. It seems like it's a part of a much bigger story and it's not easy to understand fully; however it's clear that Nils Van Zandt has gone to look for Lynn Larouge after she texted him, but he seems to not be able to find her. The "to be continued..." at the end suggests that a much bigger storyline could be around the corner. Nils Van Zandt can be seen searching for Lynn Larouge, whilst Rashaun Will (Stress Dollaz) helps him out in the search, during the whole video sequence for "In Need Of Love".

Nils Van Zandt has clearly been going for some time. He has really established himself as a DJ and producer. He's one a few people have heard of but hasn't quite hit the popularity he clearly deserves. He's remixed for some of the biggest artists, and his own music is finally getting heard. He's one to keep watching, he's been trying for a long time, he just needs that international hit, that will push him into a much bigger success. Featured on this track is Lynn Larouge, who is mostly known for this song, although she has set out for a solo career, and Rashaun Will, who was previously known as Stress Dollaz upon the release of this song. He has had the biggest career to date, and he will keep pushing it and making it, that much is clear. As a collective, this works amazingly.

The music video doesn't have a lot going on, it follows a narrative that shows Nils Van Zandt looking for love.

Lynn Larouge teases him from the start by telling him that she "needs love" and he soon gets on a boat in search for her.

He ends up on a beach and takes a photo which he then sends to her. This photo makes her smile, so whether this was the love she was thinking of, who knows. The video ends with a: "To be continued..." sign.

Overall, it's more of a performance piece that totally shows off Lynn Larouge and Rashaun Will. The former is sexy in a hotel room, whereas the other is out and about rapping to the song on top of buildings. Nils Van Zandt is clearly involved in his character, searching for the love Lynn Larouge is after. It's a clever connection to the song, but it just doesn't work the way we want it to.
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