Troye Sivan Featuring Betty Who - HEAVEN

February 04, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Heaven (feat. Betty Who) - Troye Sivan |

This was bound to appear on my blog soon, so why not now? Hello Troye Sivan, who is totally my top LGBT+ singer out at the moment, whilst Steve Grand works on his new album and, my newly found, Rayvon Owen is probably also working on new music. Regardless, Troye Sivan pretty much found me, and I will not stop being grateful for the imprint he is leaving online, for the world. I just wish there was someone like him to influence me when I was younger. Troye Sivan shows the troubles and tribulations people have gone through to get to this point for LGBT+ people, the "Heaven" video is more than just a tribute, it's defining.

Troye Sivan, real name Troye Sivan Mellet, the YouTuber turned singer who has hit the world by storm. His music has already touched millions with his songs and impacted many within the LGBT+ community with his stunning confident music videos. His debut album charted well globally, although his singles have done all right. It's a tough market to crack, but if there's anything about Troye Sivan, it's that he never gives up, and he totally believes that he is doing what he needs to do, and it is definitely paying off. This is his new single in collaboration with Betty Who, real name Jessica Newham. She is signed to RCA records and made her name because Spencer Stout uploaded his flash mob proposal to his boyfriend on YouTube with her song. Now she's collaborated with Troye Sivan, and what a song this is! It was written by Troye Sivan. Alexandra Robotham, Jack Antonoff, and Claire Boucher.

Directed by Luke Gilford, the black and white music video sees Troye Sivan in a sexy performance visual where he is embraced by an unfaced shirtless guy. They clearly care for one another; unfortunately, Troye Sivan is clothed throughout.

There are many monumental clips shown throughout including a scene of assassinated gay rights leader Harvey Milk, various gay pride parades and same-sex marriages.

What makes this video inspirational is that both artists are Australian, and the country has yet to pass the same-sex marriage bill. The video completely shows how far we have gone, but it still makes people think how much further we still have to go. It works completely, and it's totally relatable to the song. I do hate black and white music videos. though I can understand it suggests the past with the footage used, but I would've liked to have seen Troye Sivan's performance and cuddling in colour - and topless.
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