New Release: London Grammar - Big Picture

February 03, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Big Picture - London Grammar |

After looking over all the new releases this week, I could only come across two songs that have music videos, this one and Stormzy's "Big For Your Boots", I'm not a fan of either artist, but I have reviewed Stormzy before, whereas this is the first time London Grammar have appeared on my blog, so I might as well switch it up a bit. This song is their second single from their upcoming new album. London Grammar shows off scenic beauty and beautiful starry night skies in overlays during a performance piece of "Big Picture", this music video is glittery, space-like and quite artsy.

London Grammar are a three-piece British indie-pop group consisting of Dominic 'Dot' Major, Hannah Reid, and Dan Rothman. They've done well for themselves after the release of their debut album. They haven't quite had a hit single, yet, although "Strong" has been their highest charting single globally so far. This new album could bring an interesting direction for the group as they continue to go from strength to strength. This song was written by the group themselves.

Directed by Sophie Müller, this video focuses more on scenic beauties, of space and the stars, of mountains, and of glitter. The striking overlays really capture the essence of the song and completely shows the band off brilliantly during their performance piece.

The group shines throughout as they perform the song, it's clear that they have a major stage presence and Hannah Reid's voice totally captures the audience. This is one group that will knock it out of the stadium if you were to go to their concert.

There isn't much else for me to comment on. It's been edited well, with the overlays transitioning effectively and they transparently contrast with the performance visual of the video. It works well and is definitely relatable to the song. No narrative, but shadows are used intricately. It's good but not entirely addictively engaging.
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