Avril Lavigne Featuring Chad Kroger - Let Me Go

March 01, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Let Me Go (feat. Chad Kroeger) - Avril Lavigne |

As Avril Lavigne announces AL6 plans and also reveals that she's teamed up with BMG (check out my CelebMix Article), I decided to review one of her many awesome music videos. This song was definitely my favourite to be released from her latest album. I'm surprised I haven't reviewed it before today, but I distinctly remember deciding to wait for an official release; unfortunately, the song never got a UK single release, hence why I never got around to reviewing it. But in promotion of her new announcement, it's time to review this awesome heartbreaking music video. Watch Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroger perform in a stunning house for their music video "Let Me Go". The video is totally filled with emotion.

Avril Lavigne announced she signed with BMG today and that her new album will be released this year. This is exciting news as fans have been waiting for her sixth studio album patiently. She has never had a UK number one single, so I'm hoping that her new music is a complete hit. She's had a break to battle Lyme Disease, but now she's back. As we wait for new music I decided to look back at this amazing song and review it on my blog. The song was never released as an official single in the UK, and so only charted via album downloads at number 66; it's such a shame, as this deserved to be a hit and might've got her to the top of the UK singles chart, with the right promotion. The song was written by Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger, and David Hodges.

Directed by Christopher Sims, the music video has a full narrative, with a performance visual set within. It's haunting, it's intricate, and it's completely stunning. It makes me sad to see Chavril here together, knowing that they aren't together anymore; but clearly, they are happy apart.

The video opens with an old man sweeping the leaves of the courtyard. He is played by actor Herman Sinitzyn, to which you might recognise him from Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away". He walks inside as Avril Lavigne starts to sing.

We see him put on a suit before sitting in front of a mirror and playing his guitar. Reflected back in the mirror is Chad Kroeger. After some time, Avril Lavigne looks at Chad Kroeger on her tablet, clearly a memory, before she puts it aside as a sand timer is shown. The old man gets up and smashes the sand timer to the floor - breaking time. In doing so, Chad Kroeger appears beside Avril Lavigne, and they perform this song together. He steps away, and time reverses. The sand timer is back, and Herman Sinitzyn takes off his suit, and Avril Lavigne is all alone once again.

The performance side of things is as outstanding as you can imagine. Avril Lavigne has her usual performing vibes that we are used to seeing her have. She exudes energy and projects the song emotionally and powerfully. Chad Kroeger is less so, but he only features in the song and doesn't want to take the spotlight. He's subtle but just as present.

As a whole, this video is one of my favourites. It tells a story, like no other. It's given a haunting and lonely theme, which is exactly what the song is about, even if it is about breaking free from those memories; they're still there but not majorly so. There's not one thing I don't like about this video, and therefore it can only get this rating. I cannot wait for Avril Lavigne's sixth studio album.
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