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Blown Away - Carrie Underwood |

I had quite a few options for my Thursday Revisit today but decided to go with a bit of Carrie Underwood since she hasn't appeared much on my blog, and this is another awesome song from her. I don't understand how her songs don't quite make it on the UK chart; they're incredibly catchy with a hell of a lot of promotion she could chart internationally. Country music is just difficult to sell to the UK, but I'm sure she can get there if she pushes just a little bit harder. This should've been an international hit. Watch Carrie Underwood save herself from a tornado, but let her drunken father get taken by the storm in the "Blown Away" music video.

Carrie Underwood won the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. Since then she has established herself as a country music female artist. She's at the top of her game but hasn't managed to crack the UK market, just yet; not lack of trying, though, she even performed on The X Factor. This song is one of three singles that has charted in the UK, but none have been in the Top 100; this one in particular charted at number 155. This song was written by Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear. It won a GRAMMY award for 'Best Country Song' in 2013.

Directed by Randee St. Nicholas, the music video is, once again, a brilliant translation of the lyrics, completely developing the storyline of the song into a brilliant narrative; all of which is set amongst a Wizard of Oz theme. There is also a killer performance piece throughout, which totally knocks this video out of the park. It has got it all. The video won 'Female Video of the Year' at the American Country Awards and 'Video of the Year' at the CMT Music Awards, both in 2013.

The opening scene sees Carrie Underwood working on some homework, whilst her father pours alcohol into his coffee. He imposes on her work, and says that he can help, then grabs her arm. All before saying: "I am your father, young lady." He is played by actor Pepper Sweeney. The opening scene was completely unscripted and, apparently, very intense. Carrie Underwood's arm was left bruised afterwards.

The first scene is displayed in black and white, showing that it is a part of her past. The song starts up and we return to full colour. Carrie Underwood and the viewers watch a storm start to brew. Which links in with the opening lyrics, right from the start. She also walks through a graveyard, where we're to presume her mother is, due to the lyrics at that point.

She runs into the house, in an attempt to wake her abusive drunken father, but he has drunk too much and is asleep on the couch. She's not sure what to do; considering her options, she then decides to hide out in the basement, just as the lyrics suggest. We see flashbacks of how her father has treated her, and how this all leads to revenge; karma if lack of another word. When the storm is over, she comes out the basement and walks away in the beautiful sunshine; now free from her father.

Throughout, there are references to the 1939 Victor Fleming-directed film The Wizard of Oz; which can be seen on the TV inside the house. There are also yellow bricks embedded in the road, leading to her house; and at the end, there is a dog, although it looks nothing like Toto.

Not only that, but the music video is segmented with a performance piece, which Carrie Underwood nails throughout, as expected. The narrative also becomes part of the performance when she is in the basement, upset about her father being taken by the storm and yet it's much-needed karma. She is one of these singers that I need to see live and anyone who does get to see her, are definitely in for a treat. She puts so much heart into every song she sings, it's no wonder she's one of the biggest female country stars in the world.

Overall this music video has got it all. Once again, Carrie Underwood stuns us with her visual performance. "Blown Away" is out-of-this-world incredible. It blows the audience away and totally hits home with everyone who watches it. Amazing, Brilliant. Stunning.
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  1. Old post to comment on but wanted to say kudos on your in-depth review of this video. You were the first to say the name of the male actor here which means you do your homework! Great job