LORIS - Dirty Bass

04 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Dirty Bass - LORIS |

I had planned to review this last week for my New Release, since it was released on 24 February, but Era Istrefi's "Redrum" was also released then, so I shifted this back a week, and I'm glad I did, as it's given me a fresh new look to this music video. I previously wrote an article on CelebMix for this group, then one for Outlet Magazine; so it's now time for it to feature on my blog. Watch LORIS perform their amazingly catchy "Dirty Bass" song in this music video that features a pole dancer.

LORIS are a three-piece electronic band consisting of Frances Mitchell, Tommy Keery, and Michael Mormecha. The band has had a lot of support from BBC Introducing, with their song "Yeah" becoming Track of the Week. They already have a debut EP out on their website, along with three singles. This group is building up their fan base, and with this amazing new track, how can anyone not become a fan? Be ready for their follow-up songs, because if this one is anything to go by, this band is ready to be heard.

This music video is a pure performance piece; it shows a black and white visual, as well as showing a pole dancer. Frances Mitchell is fully feeling the bass whilst suggesting us to feel it too. She bounces the energy around to the other LORIS band members, who are just as energetic.

The pole dancer cuts this black and white visual music video up perfectly. She stuns us with her incredible flexibility and amazingly technical pole dancing.

But, what really stands out is the performance vibes from LORIS. They definitely deserve to be on a stage, and it's clear that anyone who sees this band live will be in for a real treat. They completely ooze enthusiasm, they clearly love "Dirty Bass" and they want you to love it too. If they can bring such a passion in a performance-based music video, imagine their potential on a stage.

Overall, there isn't a lot going on in the music video, it's a pure performance piece, with a pole dancing visual segmented throughout. Although a narrative is lacking from the video, the band makes up for it with their vigour for the song and the music video. LORIS are definitely a band we all need to keep watching and keep our eyes on. The future is definitely bright for them.
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