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03 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Green Light - Lorde |

Well, I have been gearing up, all day, to review Barei's "I Don't Need To Be You" music video for my New Release blog post; instead, I am reviewing Lorde's "Green Light", because Barei's music video has been exclusively released on Vevo, and not YouTube - not yet anyway. So, instead, here is Lorde who wants the green light, and we're so ready for her to have it. Such a catchy song, that deserves to be an international hit, regardless of the surprisingly mean comments on the video. Watch Lorde fill this song with such a passionate emotional performance, it's clear "Green Light" is close to her heart.

Lorde, real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor, became a global superstar overnight with her debut single "Royals". Just as she started to disappear from the world, lasting as a one-hit wonder, she's returned with "Green Light", which is a complete hit and deserves to chart all over the world. The song is about all the silly little things you gravitate towards when your life changes. This is the girl who is dancing wildly in a club crying about her ex, the one we all think is a mess but she will get a hold on her life tomorrow. That is what Lorde said in an interview on Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe. The song was written by Ella Yelich-O'Connor, Jack Antonoff, and Joel Little.

Directed by Grant Singer, this music video is a pure performance visual. Lorde is giving off a bunch of emotional vibes and lashes out with her stage presence.

The opening scene sees her in a bathroom, singing to her reflection - imagining it's her ex she's singing to. Scenes follow that show her in a club, exiting the club, getting into a Chevrolet car, that we could presume is a taxi. Then the bridge of the song happens, and she hangs out the window, feeling the air whipping by.

The chorus kicks in and she's on top of the car, dancing on the roof. As the next verse kicks in, we watch her walking the streets, she puts in her earphones and starts to dance like no one is watching, dancing to a beat all to herself. The video is not at all polished, it is a mess, but it's a well shot, erratic mess that we can't help but love. Lorde pulls it off perfectly.

This song and music video is for all the girls (and guys) who look a mess, crying over their ex's in clubs. This one is for them, the one clubs should play to give them life, to add a bit of sass to their clubbing experience. We've all been there and, hell, we all need it. Nice one Lorde, a brilliant single and music video, that deserves global recognition.
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