Basement Jaxx - Rendez-Vu

09 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Rendez-Vu - Basement Jaxx |

Another one of the headliners for Birmingham Pride 2017, and another I am not so interested in, only because I feel like their an old group - they have been going for over 20 years, and they weren't a big part of my childhood. Their music isn't really my style and although some of their songs hit it big, where we all enjoyed their music; some could say that their music was overplayed for that time, and doesn't last long enough. This song is their highest chart number, at number four in the UK; yet, I barely remember the song, and even though it is quite catchy, I don't enjoy listening to it. Basement Jaxx just aren't my cup of tea, but I respect them for creating music for this long and giving some surprising hits. They have their own mark in musical history which is still there today. Watch a dog's dream turn into an interesting battle over a woman in an interesting comedic story that also includes rock, paper, scissors in the music video for Basement Jaxx's "Rendez-Vu".

Basement Jaxx are an electronic duo consisting of Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton. They have been going for over 20 years and have a number of 00's hits to their name. They have been releasing new music in recent years, but they haven't charted with these songs. They remind me a lot of Daft Punk - I think it's to do with the voice coding software used on their tracks, which is why they were so popular since that was all the range back then. I truly think they could make a comeback because Daft Punk managed to do it, but they need a hit behind them for that to happen. This song charted well globally; although, I was only six years old at the time, I barely remember the song. It was written by Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton.

The music video was directed by Evan Bernard. It is a pure narrative and totally interesting from start to finish. I believe the concept was definitely before its time, and if it were to be remade, it would look incredible now.

We watch a dog sleeping as the opening scene, and we then follow a boy to a crowd who is watching a guitarist that has a Mexican vibe going on. He is portraying a scene in his music, where we watch bikers drive over a desert, clearly on a mission. We go into the past as we see the leader telling his story, about being with a woman and having a good time with her. They are interrupted by a Mexican wrestler, who is wearing a mask and is the boyfriend of the woman, and he breaks the lover's hand, which is then replaced with a record player needle.

We then realise it's the woman who is now telling the story to her colleagues. She's working where the Mexican is playing the guitar. His story continues as the wrestlers see the bikers drive across the desert, and they plan to meet them in the village. They both arrive at the village at the same time and square one another off. A battle of rock, paper, scissors takes place with the winner getting the girl.

At the end, the dog wakes up and we realise it's all been a scenario in the dog's dream, and it wasn't actually true. It's cute that the dog dreams about these sorts of things, although I don't see how the overall storyline relates to the song specifically. It's interesting and fun, but it's not something I'd happily watch again.
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