Chart Mondays: Julia Michaels - Issues

April 10, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Issues - Julia Michaels |

Songwriter turned into an artist with a hit song, Julia Michaels has had support from internationally-known artists and now she's quickly becoming internationally famous herself. This week she reached number ten on the UK singles chart; with Ed Sheeran still at number one with "Shape of You", it opens the top 10 to my music video Chart Monday reviews, and this was literally my only option. I'm not exactly a fan of the song, but I admire her for her songwriting career, and it looks like she's made it as an artist too now. Watch Julia Michaels reveal that she and her lover has "Issues" and problems, yet there's an obvious attraction between the pair.

Julia Michaels has been a permanent mention within my blog posts since she has written some of the best songs by my favourite artists, people like Britney Spears, Fifth Harmony. Rita Ora, Little Mix, Nick Jonas, and Sofia Carson. Now she has the spotlight all to herself, and her song has gained momentum, It took some time, but "Issues" is a definite grower of a song, which is why it has now started charting well globally, months after it was released. The song was written by Julia Michales, Benjamin Levin, Tor Hermansen, Mikkel Eriksen, and Justin Tranter.

Directed by Tabitha Denholm, the music video shows Julia Michaels singing to her love interest, who is played by actor Alexander Koch - who some may know him from Under The Dome, where he played James "Junior" Rennie.

The opening scene sees them both in bed together, under the covers. There's clear chemistry between the two, chemistry I wish I had with someone, but nope, I'm single; while snapshots show her singing in the kitchen. She walks to the bedroom, but he's no longer in her bed - where has he gone?

She walks outside to what looks like an outhouse, where he is talking with another woman, who turns out to be Julia Michaels all dressed up. As a party ensues, she watches him across the room as he flirts and connects with another woman. Julia Michaels sidles up to another guy, and Alexander Koch's jealous stare is all too obvious. It's clear that the party was the night before, and while everyone went to sleep, Julia Michaels gets up off her chair and dances all alone, as he sits back and watches.

Closing scenes see them in the bed together again. It's cute and goes well with the narrative of the song, but I feel a slight disconnect, to be fair I feel the same disconnection with the song itself. I think I kind of expect more from her because of her amazing songwriting skills, and I have the same feelings towards this as I do towards Ina Wroldsen's "Aliens (Her Er Jeg)". I just feel something is missing.
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