BETSY - Lost & Found

April 21, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Lost & Found - BETSY |

Another Birmingham Pride 2017 act for my Birmingham Pride Special. This was one of the first artists that they announced who I didn't know. It was probably the start of my disappointments with this year's line-up. I am still waiting for some more announcements from Birmingham Pride, surely they have more to this line-up. Anyhow, BETSY impressed with this song, which is her most-viewed YouTube video to-date; her voice is reminiscent of Cher's voice, and with the right song, I truly believe BETSY could be pushed into international success. Watch BETSY perform her song "Lost & Found" in this music video, whilst driving around, acting sexy, and smashing up objects with a golf club; as you do.

BETSY hails from Wales and has released a number of songs. She's fashionable and professional. She landed a job designing at Balenciaga in Paris before deciding her heart lies with music and not with fashion. She is definitely a rising star. She has a distinctive Welsh-sounding voice that is very reminiscent of 90s popular music - her vocals would be perfect for a cover version of one of Cher's songs; or maybe, instead, she could do one better and collaborate with Cher, now that is something we'd pay good money to see! This song is her most popular, at the moment; although, I reckon she'll have much bigger hits in the future.

Directed by Can Evgin, the music video is a pure performance visual with little-to-no narrative included. Although, reasons as to why she is smashing up objects is beyond our ability to understand.

Throughout BETSY looks stunning; well, she's trying to look stunning. Her fashion choices are incredible and definitely makes her look sexy, but there's just something not right, just something that doesn't quite work. I believe it might be her facial features, the brown eyebrows with the blonde hair has always been a no-no in fashion, even though it's definitely kind of trendy at the moment; however, BETSY pulls off the luck like she's the trendsetter and it most definitely works for her. I'm not sure what it is.

There's not a lot to this music video, and I feel sorry for the cat ornament that BETSY smashes to pieces, as that looked really cute! The golf club really does smash the objects to pieces, but it doesn't add much more to the music video. The song is okay, and so is the music video, but I expect BETSY to release something much better and much more popular in the future.
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