New Release: Shawn Hook Featuring Vanessa Hudgens - Reminding Me

April 21, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Reminding Me (feat. Vanessa Hudgens) - Shawn Hook |

So much new music has been released today for New Music Fridays, I seriously thought I'd be spoilt for choice when it came to writing up my New Release music video review, except many of my favourite singers who dropped new music today didn't release a music video, unfortunately. I'm also not happy that I don't really have the money to buy all this new music today, so I'm hoping I can find a good iTunes discount soon so I can get them all, including this one because I am so happy Vanessa Hudgens is officially back, thanks to this feature on Shawn Hook's track. Get ready because Shawn Hook and Vanessa Hudgens will keep "Reminding Me" of how it feels to feel this lonely, with this very sexy music video.

Shawn Hook, real name Shawn Hlookoff, has been going for many years but hasn't found international success, just yet. He has been focusing on his career and has managed to score some Canadian chart numbers, his biggest being number 23 in 2015 with the song "Sound Of Your Heart", which also found it's way onto the US Bubbling Under The Hot 100 Singles Chart at number five (which basically means it charted in the US at number 105, in theory). He has been establishing his career, and this collaboration has definitely launched him internationally. Vanessa Hudgens is the featured singer, who is one of the hottest actresses around at the moment. She became famous for playing Gabrielle in High School Musical and went on to do some extraordinary things, including Grease Live. As for her music career, it's been up and down... I still think "Sneakernight" should've been a global hit. But after four years, she's back once again and her voice accompanies Shawn Hook's perfectly. This was definitely a great collaboration. The song was written by Shawn Hook, Ethan Thompson, and Jonas Jeberg.

Directed by Aye Tanimura, this music video is mainly a performance piece, with a full-on narrative going on at the same time, as both artists reminisce on their previous relationship with one another whilst being apart and lonely.

The video includes clips of the past, of them two together while being surrounded, mainly, by profile visuals that show them longing for each other. Their memories are what is reminding them of how lonely they are apart.

It's a very sexy music video, with both Shawn Hook and Vanessa Hudgens looking completely hot from the get-go. They easily get into character for this music video, and it's so nice to see how much passion they both have for this killer song. I just love the chorus and how it's flipped depending on who is singing. A killer song and a killer music video, it's just slightly disappointing that it's completely in black and white throughout - with no reason behind the filter.
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