Kat Graham - Put Your Graffiti On Me

06 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Put Your Graffiti On Me - Kat Graham |

There are two music videos to this, and I'm not entirely sure which one is the official video, regardless I chose to review this one as it was the first video that was released and features more scenes. However, I do prefer the other one in comparison, and I'm not the only one since the other one has a million more views than this one. Putting comparisons aside, I might review the other one sometime in the future but for now, we're sticking with this one. Watch Kat Graham dance her way sexily through this music video with some killer choreography segmented with intricate profile scenes during this music video for "Put Your Graffiti On Me".

Kat Graham is best known for playing Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries. Some may know her from Honey 2 playing Maria Ramirez, but this music video shows her in a whole new light. I chose this song because I recently reviewed "Sometimes" earlier this week, and for my Thursday Revisit I was interested to see if she's reflecting who she really is in her music and the accompanying music videos, and she surely is. She's sexy, confident, and fierce, both on the tracks and in their respective music videos. This song is her biggest hit to date (if you don't count her uncredited vocals on will.i.am's "Got It From My Mama"). The song was written by Nick Audino, Lewis Hughes, Sam Watters, and Matt Bair.

Directed by Benny Boom, the music video heavily features dance choreography from Sheryl Murakami, however as the second music video for "Put Your Graffiti On Me" reveals, a lot of the dancing was cut completely out, for profile visuals, which doesn't quite add anything to the music video, if anything it makes it less engaging.

She shines throughout the dancing segments, whilst fades in the profile pieces. Kat Graham is a performer, she's destined to stand on a stage and fully unleash energetic dancing vibes out to a crowd. The scenes where she's singing the song fail to keep the audience interested. She attempts to be sexy and stylish, and although she can pull it off, the dark themes surrounding her just makes them fall flat.

Overall, this video could be much better, and the second version proves that it can be. The video just fails to keep us interested throughout; however, Kat Graham remains fierce and attempts to bring it, which slightly saves the video.
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