New Release: J Balvin & Pitbull Featuring Camila Cabello - Hey Ma

07 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Hey Ma (feat. Camila Cabello) - J Balvin & Pitbull |

Out of all the releases this week, this is the only one I've actually bought. There are two versions of this song and two versions of this music video (although they are very similar). One of them is in Spanish with Pitbull & J Balvin as the main artists, and then there's this English version as J Balvin & Pitbull - which was released today. There isn't much difference between both music videos, hence why you can find the previously released Spanish version below. This song is part of The Fate of The Furious (Fast & Furious 8), and as a soundtrack music video, there are scenes from the film in this visual. Watch J Balvin and Pitbull's English/Spanish music video for "Hey Ma" that features Camila Cabello for The Fate of The Furious, as they dance and sing amongst cars.

J Balvin, real name José Balvin, first came to my attention when he collaborated with Inna, on her song "Cola Song". I actually have to sing his name every time I read it - just like he does in the said song. He also collaborated with Sofia Carson for "Love In The Name". But this is the first song of his I've heard, the first one that he doesn't appear as a feature - instead, he's the main singer. He's a Columbian latin singer and has won a few awards for his songs, yet this one is definitely going to give him more of a spotlight, especially teaming up with American rapper Pitbull - who has also had success with Latin-inspired music as well as thousands of different genres. His real name is Armando Pérez, and has also worked with Inna - twice, but mainly known for "Good Time". He's a successful international artist, and there is definitely no stopping Pitbull. Featured on this track is Camila Cabello, now officially away from Fifth Harmony, she's stepping up her game and pushing her name out there through featured tracks. Having already been successful on collaborations with Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly, on tracks "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Bad Things", we're sure her career is going to go places in the future. This song was written by Armando Christian Pérez (Pitbull), José Balvin (J Balvin), Karla Estrabao (Camila Cabello), Jamie Sanderson, Tinashe Sibanda, Philip Kembo, Soaky Siren, and Johnny Yukon.

Directed by Gil Green, the music video is definitely spicy and sexy. It has quite the Spanish flair to it, and as an English version, it's not quite so intimate as the Spanish version is (which can be found at the bottom of this review).

The opening scene is a welcome sight, as we watch Camila Cabello walk the streets and interact with the people around her; before making eyes at J Balvin who kicks off the singing. There are some great interactions between this trio, although it looks like Pitbull was unavailable on the first day since he isn't in the scene with Camila Cabello and J Balvin; instead, he jumps out of a car that looks like it's from the set of The Fate of the Furious (Fast & Furious 8). He's scene involves him dancing in the middle of a group of women dancing around him. Typical Pitbull, and yet he's stylish and looking cool, in his posh clothes. He's not the best dancer, but he knows that and rolls with it, giving his scene perfect fire.

There are a few scenes from the film they are promoting, although not enough that it distracts from the music video itself. The film is something that I do plan to see, but I don't think this music video shows enough to make people want to see the film.

As the music video progresses, there's a night scene with J Balvin and Camila Cabello. It's sexy and full of flirting, and they do well to show just that. But our favourite scene is where the whole trio is dancing together in front of the camera. Unfortunately, it's clear that lighting was a problem with this specific scene, but they've done well with it and all three of them clearly got along well.

Overall, it's a Latin-inspired music video, that feels so right when you are watching the Spanish version of the song. As for the English version, it doesn't quite fit so well. It's clear that that language doesn't quite belong in this specific place. Regardless, the English version is something radio will be playing, and as it gets warmer here we expect this to become an early summer anthem for us all.
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