RAYE - I, U, Us

17 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I, U, Us - RAYE |

Hard choice today when I had to choose one of RAYE's songs for my Birmingham Pride Special; I almost, almost, went with the Jax Jones collaboration titled "You Don't Know Me", but I decided on this song and music video instead, purely because this is her own song, and the sort of music she wants to sing, whereas a feature isn't necessarily her song and can be used just to get her name out there. I can definitely see her bringing this song passion and emotion on the Birmingham Pride 2017 stage. This song has some serious R&B vibes going on and it's definitely one that easily gets stuck in my head. Watch RAYE perform on an ice rink with her guys around her, bringing it throughout in this music video for "I, U, Us".

RAYE, real name Rachel Keen, is a British singer who has been able to get her name out there thanks to two awesome collaborations, one with Jonas Blue on the song "By Your Side" and the other with Jax Jones on "You Don't Know Me". She has yet to manage to chart with her solo songs, even though she has released four so far, and two EPs. This song is her latest, and I expect that she has many more releases planned, and one has got to be a hit - surely. This song was written by Fred Gibson, Rachel Keen, Charlotte Aitchison, and Jonnali Parmenius.

Directed by Charli XCX - yeah, I'm just as surprised by you are, seeing this name as director - the music video is set at an ice rink. It's a pure performance visual, with RAYE totally standing out, what with being the only female amongst the group.

There are some great profile visuals where she certainly brings some passion to the table with this song, Yet I feel like she has more to give, like there's just something missing.

It's nice to see her relax and spend time ice skating. And towards the end, a guy falls over, which is kind of funny. Clearly, they had a great time on set, it's just a shame Charli XCX stayed behind the camera the whole time. These two must be close friends for Charli XCX to direct the music video. There's not much substance to this, and I would've liked to have seen something more.
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