M.O - Who Do You Think Of?

April 18, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Who Do You Think Of? - M.O |

My Birmingham Pride Special continues, with this three-piece girl group. M.O were one of the first acts announced for Birmingham Pride 2017, and I'm sure they're going to bring girl power to the stage. They've made a slight impact on the UK singles chart, with this song being their highest chart number to date, but if they keep going I truly believe they'll release a hit song we're all going to fall in love with. Watch M.O perform in a launderette before partying it up with amazing performance vibes in this music video for their hit song "Who Do You Think Of?"

M.O are an English female trio consisting of Annie Ashcroft, Frankee Connolly, and Nadine Samuels. The former was one-half of female duo Mini Viva, who split before a debut album was released; whilst, the latter two were part of a girl band called Duchess until 2012. With all this experience, it's no surprise that they've been pushing this group as much as they can - hence why all their singles have charted in the UK, even if they've not made a strong impact, just yet. This one is their highest peaking single so far, although their follow-up was a collaboration with Kent Jones, yet that didn't chart inside the Top 40. This song is catchy, so it's no surprise it did well and peaked at number 18. It was written by Annie Ashcroft, Francesca Connolly, Fred Gibson, Stephen Gibson, Ferdy Unger-Hamilton, Nicholas Listrani, Nadine Samuels, and Ryan Sudlow.

Directed by Charlotte Rutherford, this music video is mainly a performance piece although you could consider there is a relatable narrative to the song as the girls wonder who their lovers think of when they're feeling lonely. I guess we all wonder that... Well, those of us who have someone there for them, not us single people; although I totally wish I had someone so that I can wonder who they think of when they're lonely.

We watch the girls walk to the launderette in their camo clothes which keeps coming in and out of fashion recently. They go inside, and meet up with their girls, exuding performance vibes. All three girls bring it for this music video.

There's a slight dance sequence, which looks like freestyle. The girls are clearly relaxed around each other; comfortable. They ooze a girl power energy that we're used to seeing from big girl groups like Little Mix and Fifth Harmony; M.O has that too.

They later go through the washing machines and into a private party where they all dance the night away and give us some more amazing performance vibes. It's so great to watch, and if I get the chance to see them perform at Birmingham Pride 2017, then I'll definitely be there at the main stage.
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