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April 24, 2017 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

You Had My Heart - Saara Aalto |

She was one of the first few to be announced for Birmingham Pride 2017 and having heard her sing live on The X Factor tour, I just know she's going to blow us away on the Birmingham Pride stage. I wanted her to win The X Factor, and I cannot wait to see what the future brings to her. This is the first time I have come across her songs and I adore this one, it's so catchy and does have a 007 James Bond theme to it as many have commented. Her voice is absolutely incredible, and will definitely take her places, it has to! Watch Saara Aalto sing about a guy who cheats on her with another woman, a guy who had her heart and chose someone else in this music video for her song "You Had My Heart".

Saara Aalto first came to my attention during the thirteenth series of The X Factor, where she placed second overall. Her voice and power were amazing on the show, and she came back week after week, fighting for her right to be in the competition. She proved herself time and time again, winning over the British public. This single was her second release overall, back in 2013. The song is definitely catchy and it's a shame it didn't become an international hit. She's now under the Syco record label, and so she might release a hit song soon, we all hope so. She's quite the fighter and most definitely an inspiration to many. This song was written by Saara Aalto and Teemu Roivainen.

Directed by Marko Mäkilaakso, the music video is both a performance piece and a narrative. In both scenes, Saara Aalto impresses to no end, as expected.

The performance piece shows her stage presence, her killer vocals and her amazing performance vibes. She could literally sing any song in the world and do it justice with her vocals. She exudes confidence and stage presence. She is loving having a backing band and it works so well, assisting her incredibly with the song.

The narrative is highly emotional, as we see Saara Aalto in what looks like a wedding dress, singing to her groom, who is played by actor Sergei Ionin. We later see her love interest meeting a blonde-haired woman, who is played by actress Evi Oivanen. They kiss passionately.

This storyline fits perfectly with the song, as we see Saara Aalto find out about the kiss. He's in love with someone else, whilst she's clearly in love with him. He had her heart and he's just used her. As the final scenes begin, we see Saara Aalto prepared to get her revenge, but we never find out what she does, leaving it up to us to wonder.

Overall, this video is a killer. It's fully relatable to the song, it has an incredible performance piece and an engaging narrative. This deserves to be seen internationally, with the song becoming a global success. Unfortunately, a four-year-old song would never get that chance. Regardless, this will forever remain our little treasure, as we watch Saara Aalto become the star she deserves to be.
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  1. It's very very good album. I love it too and listen it almost every day. Saara has released it using own money and own label. That's the reason why public has't foud that a peace of diamond yet. And that's the reason why Saara join in the X-facor at 2016 too. New coming album will be success, because big label (Sony) is behind Saara now.